Monthly Archives: October 2014

Tax Planning

Taxpayer’s Mistakes Which You Should Avoid

Almost all the Americans complain that paying taxes is a complicated process. Last reports say that many taxpayers overpay because of making mistakes. So why should you pay more to Uncle Sam? Read and...
Child Psychologist

Child Psychologist – The Ray of Light to a Unique Child

What is child psychology? The scientific study of changes that occur in human beings throughout their life span - from infancy till adolescence is called Developmental psychology. Understanding a child is surely a toughest job...
US Data Corporation

Effective Ways to Spread the Word about Your Small Business

Ever since you were a child, you knew you wanted to one day open your own store. Although you never could quite put your finger on it, there was something about the life of...
AQL Table

ABC’s of AQL Tables

What are AQL tables? AQL stands for Acceptance Quality Limit and it is defined as “quality level that is the worst tolerable” as per ISO standards. In production industry, one has to give exact number...

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