Monthly Archives: November 2015


Mistakes The Entrepreneur – Turned- Boss Should Avoid

The duties of an entrepreneur are not limited to invest smartly and start his or her own venture. It is equally essential to imbibe people management skills. Leadership is one of the integral factors...

What Do Your Employees Need From You?

One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make is that they are constantly selfish; particularly when it comes to their employees. Their mind is filled with what they need from their employees. They...
Nigeria Tourism

6 Things To Do In Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the most underrated countries in Africa when it comes to tourism. There’s plenty to do, see and experience in the country. So, if you’ve never been, you’re missing out. Here...
Accident at Work

Had An Accident At Work? Here’s What To Do

How likely is it you’ll have an accident at work? Probably not very likely, if we’re honest. Employers are wisening up on what an AI injury at their office could mean. There’s a real...

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