3 Things That Make a Great Online Store


Although there are countless online stores and ecommerce websites, not all of them are equally obliging to customer needs. In fact, for every good online store, you’re liable to find dozens that are poorly designed, unsecure and not very user-friendly. If you’ve recently set out to create your first online store, it’s important that you avoid the mistakes made by the proprietors of unsuccessful ecommerce enterprises. Luckily, making your store great isn’t nearly as difficult as some people make it look. Emphasizing the following traits will help ensure that your store is well-received and prove conducive to attracting repeat business.

Good Online Store
Good Online Store

1. User-Friendliness

If your store is difficult to navigate, you’re liable to lose a fair number of customers. Since a sizable chunk of purchases made by mobile users constitute impulse buys, making the browsing and checkout processes needlessly complex will ultimately work against this type of shopping. Even if a customer isn’t making an impulsive purchase, slow-loading pages and a complicated checkout process are likely to prompt him or her to take their business elsewhere. This is why first-time site owners are strongly urged to prioritize functionality when putting their stores together. Your site may look great, but if it isn’t user-friendly, all those high-caliber aesthetics will amount to nothing more than bells and whistles. Anyone looking to build an ecommerce website that’s both aesthetically attractive and user-friendly would be wise to visit 1ShoppingCart.

2. Mobile Functionality

Mobile functionality should be foremost on the mind of every online store proprietor. With mobile devices now account for over half of all web traffic, there’s no question that we’re living in the age of mobile browsing. Unfortunately, a staggering number of online stores still lack any manner of mobile optimization. As a result, these sites are unable to properly load on smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices – which can make shopping a tremendous headache for mobile users. With this in mind, place a strong emphasis on mobile optimization when designing your store. Ignoring the importance of mobile functionality is practically guaranteed to cost your store considerable business and instantly turn your site into a relic of the past.

Build E-commerce Website
Build E-commerce Website

3. Security

As an online store owner, it behooves you to do everything in your power to prevent malware infiltration and hacker attacks. This is why it pays to do your homework when selecting a suitable hosting service. Any hosting company you give your business to should offer top-notch data security and first-rate malware protection. If your store develops a reputation for poor security, you can bet that you’ll lose business as a result.

As anyone who’s ever purchased anything over the web can confirm, not all online stores are created equal. While there are a fair number of good ones, there are also thousands of stores that are poorly protected, difficult to navigate, terribly designed or any combination thereof. To prevent your first ecommerce website from suffering the same fate as countless failed stores, remember to prioritize user-friendliness, mobile functionality and overall security throughout the design phase.