4 Maintenance Areas That Cannot Be Ignored During the Home Inspection Process


One of the biggest investments that anybody makes in their lifetime is a home. Even though home owners leave no stone unturned in bringing comfort and protection to family by structuring their home in the best possible way and providing all necessary and luxury amenities, many of them do not understand the importance of regular home maintenance.

This negligence costs a bomb in the long run. Real estate is considered to be the safest investment, where gradually the property value rises in most cases. But, for this to hold true, you need to regularly take care of your home maintenance needs.

Inspection of your Home
Inspection of your Home

The best way to address this problem is by hiring the services of professional home maintenance expert who can provide a complete home maintenance solution. When you have plans to sell your property, the last thing you would want is to put the valuation of your house into jeopardy just because of some silly maintenance carelessness. The home inspection would decide the value of your property, and you need to make sure that you leave no room for any sorts of issues that can undermine your house value. Following are the 5 most critical areas that can affect the valuation of your house during inspection:

  • Dirty coils and filter in the air conditioning system, furnace, or heat pump system is something you don’t want to score negative on. Getting it checked just once in a year by GNRCorbusclimatisation professional is sufficient to keep these systems up and running in good condition. Moreover, the filters need to be cleaned and replaced at least in every two to three months. Performing these checks will increase the unit’s efficiency, life, fuel economy, and also the system will work more effectively in maintaining the temperature of your house as desired.
  • Replacing/repairing a rotted shower wall can cost you thousands of dollars. But, at the same time you can’t even leave it as it is. For fixing this issue you can do caulking in the tiled areas. You will have to spend just few dollars for this alternative. Similarly, moisture ridden walls at home can make significant difference in house valuation. You cannot afford to miss this maintenance area. See that before the inspection you have taken care of this.
  • Is your plumbing system working well? If it isn’t, then you better restore it in ideal working condition, because there is absolutely no mercy in this type of negligence. Your house needs to be dry and your plumbing system should be efficient enough to keep the water away. Even a minor issue like leakage in the faucet can be dangerous for your property valuation.
  • Wood rot – Well, if you are wise enough then you will never want to take a chance with this one, because it’s a big one to alone snag your house’s sale. You must take some precautionary measures in the beginning itself to protect your furniture from any possible moisture attack. Spend few dollars to make your furniture moisture resistant and you could save yourself from huge future maintenance expenditure as a cost of not taking preventive measures.
House Inspection
House Inspection

Other things to be take good care of, during inspection process would include

ü Electrical points,

ü roof,

ü chimney,

ü garden area,

ü entrance,

ü Locks and windows etc.

See to it that these things are in good working condition. You can have a professional team to take a look at you home or you can take a look at it yourself. Personal Inspection is the best way to spot problem areas, and rectify. Just try to inspect your house in detail by yourself. Put yourself in the shoes of buyers and examine things. All these points will definitely help you to score good in the house inspection.

Author Bio

Jolie Fulton is a property consultant, and he has assisted many house inspections and has seen that how small things make a huge difference.