5 Reasons Why Lawyers Should Hire Private Investigators


When talking about building a legal team to win a case, hiring a private investigator may not be top of mind. After all, with clients more concerned about winning a case without shelling out too much money, lawyers may be more concerned with cutting costs.

Recruit A Private Investigator
Recruit A Private Investigator

But there are actually many valid reasons to recruit a private investigator to your team that justifies the added expense. Here are five of them:

1. Additional Manpower for Field Research

Any good lawyer handles multiple cases at a time, so extra help in research is always welcome. While there may be paralegals available, they may just focus on doing the research for legal aspects of the case. They may not be able to handle the legwork needed to get important information to support your case, such as visiting the scene of the crime. They may also not have enough time or connections to dig deep through other sources of information, like public archives and other records.

2. Tracking Down Leads

Is the police’s own investigation lacking? Do you want to pursue other angles to build your case? Or do you need to find more witnesses to a crime? If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then you’ll need a private investigator to help you track them all down. This way, you gain access to more information that can strengthen your case, such as an additional testimony or new pieces of evidence.

Private Investigator
Private Investigator

3. An Add-On Offer for Your Clients

Prospective clients may approach you about filing a case. However, they may not have enough evidence to warrant filing a suit. Hence, before you can even recommend bringing up charges, you can forge a partnership with a private investigator first. By doing so, you can help them build a solid case that will surely win in the courts. You can also dissuade prospective clients from pursuing legal action without any evidence to back them up.

4. Surveillance

Of course, to help build a body of evidence to support a case, surveillance may be needed. And with your busy schedule, it’s nearly impossible to do this on your own. Not to mention the potential dangers this entails—going into the seedier parts of town may not be the best course of action for an attorney. That’s why you need to get a private investigator on your team. You may need to keep tabs on a person of interest to prevent a trail from running cold.

Private Investigator on Your Team
Private Investigator on Your Team

5. Locate Clients Running Away from Obligations

Let’s admit it: not all clients are responsible. Some toxic clients may hire you as a lawyer and then refuse to pay you for the services rendered, even going so far as changing addresses. If you want to get paid, you can get the help of a private investigator to find them—and serve them a choicely-worded demand letter.

As you can see, there are many reasons why lawyers should consider getting a private investigator on their team. Having one will definitely help you save time and effort, especially when trying to win a case that can define a career.