8 Most Important Applications of Stainless Steel Plate In Commercial and Industrial Sectors


There are a number of industrial applications for stainless steel plate. There are different grades and varieties of stainless steel plate, and based on the flexibility and tensile nature of the plate, you can use bulk orders for both commercial and industrial purposes.

Quality Stainless Steel
Quality Stainless Steel

What are the different commercial applications of stainless steel plate?

Application #1. Bottling, Brewing and Food Processing

Protecting beverages and food from the contaminants is very important in food processing, brewing and bottling industries. Stainless steel plate products as well as components, serve the above mentioned industries through the alloy’s ability to resist corrosion. Good quality stainless steel does not add any type of contaminants by breaking in very low or high temperatures, or it does not react even during the presence of corrosive materials like acids. In addition to this, the stainless steel plate products are those that can easily be cleaned, and even they can be polished for enhancing their shining surface.

Application #2. High Vacuum

Most procedures that are performed in the high vacuum atmosphere are very sensitive to contamination. In such a situation, stainless steel provides the required corrosion-resistant environment and these plates do not leave any residue when they are under high vacuum or under atmospheric pressure.

Application #3. Chemical Processing

The highest temperature strength, as well as corrosion resistance of the steel plate is what makes it the best choice for construction of vessels that are made use of, in chemical processing or in the petrochemical industry. From the simple storage tanks, to the complex processing facilities, these plates are more often made use of as construction material by most of the industrialists.

Applications of Stainless Steel Plate
Applications of Stainless Steel Plate

Application #4. Power Generation

All the types of common power generation that people rely on, such as coal, oil, gas and nuclear power involves operating temperatures that need materials that have high temperature resistance power, and also are corrosion as well as oxidation resistant. The stainless steel plate is made use of a number of applications as it offers the physical properties and that too in a very cost effective package.

Application #5. Waste Water Treatment

Most of the manufacturers are dependent on the large amount of water for carrying on their industrial processes. There are a number of industries that have established the water treatment facilities, as there are increased restrictions on the contaminants that are discharged. In sewage and in environmental sustenance processes, stainless steel products occupy an important role, as they do not react to any kind of treatment that is carried out in the waste management plants. Since the steel plate is corrosion resistant, it is used in a number of areas of the treatment facilities.

Application #6. Pharmaceutical

In pharmaceutical processing industry, it is very important for you to retain the purity in order to make certain that the drug acts on body, as it should and without any interference from the unwanted substances. The stainless steel plate components that are used in pharmaceutical industry, easily withstand degradation from any kind of chemical attack, or even from extreme processing temperatures.

Stainless Steel Plate
Stainless Steel Plate

Application #7. Paper and Pulp

When making the paper, it does not include any caustic substances that are found in the pharmaceutical and chemical processing. The machine is vulnerable to oxidation due to water reduction. Its exposure to steam and water causes oxidation that destroys this metal. This kind of plate resists the damage done, and it is also able to extend the life of the machinery as well as its components.

Application #8.

The high alloyed stainless steel performs excellently during the exposure to high temperatures. These materials are more often made use of in the heat-treatment applications. The parts include rollers, conveyor belts, trays, burner parts and a lot more.

The above mentioned are the various applications, where the stainless steel plate has its various uses. Get in touch to know more information!