A Birthday Magician Will Be the Icing on the Cake


It’s just like the old entertainment industry advertisement proclaimed, “Come one, come all. Come young and old to the greatest show around!” The professional birthday party magician is one of the only remaining types of true entertainers left available for private engagements. Many people have learned a few tricks and illusions, but the seasoned party professional is a master of holding the attentions of youngsters and adults alike, while providing a fascinating, entertaining, and even humourous routine as the highlight of a celebration. A child’s private birthday party entertainment, complete with a centre stage illusion master, is just what is needed to separate a run-of-the-mill occasion from one that will definitely be one to remember.

Birthday Magician
Birthday Magician

There is a secret formula for providing birthday party entertainment in small group settings with a full spectrum of ages in the audience. This formula involves connecting with personalities, holding their interest long enough to “wow” them will talent and capping the event with a finale full of mind-blowing and eye-teasing pomp. This formula is easy for huge production companies and multimedia groups with unlimited financial resources. It is much different for a solo entertainer. When a birthday party illusionist “hits it,” there are unbelievable opportunities for an exciting and fulfilling experience.

Perfecting the timing and aesthetic of a full program of illusions is difficult enough. Weaving the talent of illusion into an engaging and interactive performance is quite another. A kid’s birthday party entertainer must be able to seamlessly perform illusions while speaking, moving and expressing gestures in a way that is non-patronizing and substantive for audience members from ages 2 to 102. Above all, the birthday party magic master is prepared for all settings and unforeseen variables in each audience. Wit, a gift of language and the ability to gauge the tenor of an audience is paramount. This is especially true when it comes to the sugar-loaded, attention span-deficient tendencies of a wild, if not captivated, crowd of youngsters. A great private party illusionist will use the energy of children to propel each illusion forward, resulting in the purest type of wholesome entertainment.

When planning something especially memorable for a child’s birthday, it is necessary to seek out birthday party entertainment and live acts that provide standard fare and innovative trademark bits. The best private party acts will intricately weave together older, more expected illusions with brand new twists that fit a unique approach to the difficult job of providing fun for children and their guardians.

kid's birthday party
kid’s birthday party

You should always do your due diligence when hiring party entertainment.Undoubtedly, birthday party magicians with a notably praiseworthy approach to birthday parties and magic altogether will have an available list of past clients who have been pleased with a performance. Searching online registries of currently active performers for bookings is easy, and it will provide detailed show information to ensure the perfect magician-party match. With references and past successes, birthday party illusionists will also be able to quote pricing schedules far in advance for a booking that is affordable. A respected, up-and-coming and versatile magician’s show, such as The Magic Of Scott Dietrich, will be the “icing on the cake” for children on their special days, and the parents who organize the festivities.