Android Spyware – Why it is so popular


With more people using cell phones than ever, software companies are coming up with a lot of innovative products and methods to track calls and activity. Spyware for Android platforms offers parents and employers a way to monitor activity and ensure that the phone isn’t being misused. As far as employers are concerned, they need authorization to install spyware. Parents can install it to ensure that their underage children are safe from predators. This mspylogiciel android program is fairly easy to install and data can be monitored through the control panel. It is a very easy program to navigate and updates are downloaded on a regular basis. Best of all, information is presented in chronological order making it easy to monitor activity.

Android GPS Tracking
Android GPS Tracking

Spyware Features:

The mspy logiciel android has been tested and certified as an effective tool for stealth monitoring. There are 3 packages to choose from – the Lite, Pro and Pro-X. Consumers can pick a package based on the level of monitoring they want to do. Here is what one can do with the Android Spying software:

• Access call logs: The program creates and tracks a list of every call that was received or made from the phone.

• Recording calls: Activating this feature makes it possible to get call content so that one is aware of what was said.

• Text messages: Quite a few people send texts and these messages hold a lot of information as well. Copies of these messages are forwarded to the installer’s email.

• Logging of emails: All information exchanged through the activated email program on the phone is recorded. It makes it possible to track activities like vacation plans, personal mail, shopping patterns etc.

• SIM change notification: The software lets the installer know the whereabouts of a specific phone through the program or the GPS connection.

• GPS: Even if GPS tracking doesn’t work in all instances, the spyware helps trackers to know exactly where the user is.

• Texting “where”: Location of a person is easily traceable through the SMS feature in a matter of seconds. If a tracker doesn’t want to wait for updates, this feature can be used to find out where the phone and the user are.

Mobile Spy Tracking Software
Mobile Spy Tracking Software

• Videos and photos: All information in this formation is available to check in the email. The program records and forwards all information captured by the phone, whether it is photos or videos.

• Contact information: Every contact’s details are also forwarded to the email account, including updates and deletions.

• Browsing patterns: It is very easy to check the user’s browsing history thanks to the software. Every page is displayed and especially for parents, this information is very important.

• Logging bookmarks: Not only can the spyware track all internet activity, it can also track and send information on books that the user is reading, especially if they are using their phone to do so. Check all the favorites and also sites from which books are being downloaded.