Attractive Styles of Traditional and Modern Indian Jewellery


India is a country where we can view different colors of rituals and customs. As far as the jewelry is concerned, India is famous for its unique contemporary as well as traditional jewelry pieces. There is an array available in the market for the jewelry types. India is a huge country and each state has its own uniqueness and style of jewelry. Traditional jewelry is the first choice for every Indian to make their auspicious occasion more fabulous and luxurious. It offers a very imperial and ethnic gaze to an individual thus blending conventional look with the contemporary times. Now, you can Buy Jewellery for Women online very easily.

Jewellery for Women
Jewellery for Women

Types of different Indian Jewellery

The attractiveness of jewelry prepared of stone, covered in metal, has developed in recent times. In the following lines, there are different kinds of jewelry in India. These are:

• Gold Jewellery: It provides the protection against any monetary disaster as of its uncomplicated liquidity and it is also used by many women for beautifying themselves. Conventionally, gold has been considered propitious among Hindu community and is viewed to be representative of Lakshmi, the ‘Goddess of Wealth’.

• Kundan Jewellery: The art of Kundan work arrived in Rajasthan from Delhi, during the Mughal period. After that, craftsmen from the several parts of the nation immigrated to the pointed place and made Rajasthan a focal point of the Kundankari. Leaders and feudal lords provided support to this beautiful art and it crafted into excellence.

• Meenakari Jewellery: In this jewellery type, usually expensive stones are places and after that enameled with the gold. The art was originally introduced by the Rajasthani artists. Later on, the art spread all over the India and now it is one of the most preferred jewellery types of the country.

Indian Gold Jewelry
Indian Gold Jewelry

• Jadau Jewellery: This particular form is one of the most important examples of high-skilled artistic work that was conveyed into India by the Mughals. The custom of Jadau jewellery work has been performed in the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan from the time when the Mughal were there. This jewellery type is better known as engraved jewelry.

• Handmade jewellery: When it is about jewellery built-up in India, it is as superior as talking about handmade jewellery in India. A foremost portion of jewellery in the nation is prepared by self-determining artistes. Customarily also, a considerable component of jewellery development has been handmade jewellery.

• Lac Jewelry: It is also acknowledged as lacquer jewellery, invented in Rajasthan and has achieved significant status in India today. Lac jewelry is vacant in handy designs, which include its unmatched attractiveness. Among the different objects in Lac jewelry, bangles are the most recommended items. Now you can Buy Jewellery for Women from different online stores.

These are the few but, major types of women’s jewellery in India. Apart from that, Crystal Jewellery has its own beauty and girls love the diversity in this particular type. Indian jewellery is a graceful combination of tradition and modernization.