Child Psychologist – The Ray of Light to a Unique Child


What is child psychology?

The scientific study of changes that occur in human beings throughout their life span – from infancy till adolescence is called Developmental psychology. Understanding a child is surely a toughest job for an adult, but once done the child is the easiest to be with. Studying a child’s mindset, his likes, dislikes and certain behavioral patterns is all a part of understanding child psychology. Many of the parents around the world think that if a child is kept under proper discipline at home and dealt with love and care then it is enough for his healthy mental growth. But this process is not as easy as thought to be. To deal with such situations a child needs someone apart from their parents. And the people who deal with it the best are the child psychologists. A child psychologist has to have a Doctorate degree in psychology, in some cases, a masters degree would suffice though.

Childhood Development
Childhood Development

Child Psychologist – responsibilities:

The first and foremost responsibility of a child psychologist is to “Love children”. It is perhaps the most essential degree of notification required too, for a child psychologist.

Their concern of study surrounds Children, Child Environment, and the family of a child.

They study the mental, social and emotional development of the children. They may have to deal with various age groups like the infants, toddlers, children and teenagers. While some psychologists deal with all the age groups, there are some who may be specialized in dealing with only a single age group. The child psychologist’s main focus would be on helping, understanding, preventing, diagnosing and treating developmental, cognitive, social and emotional issues. There may be four broad categories in child psychologists, as:

Abnormal psychologists– They deal with children who are suffering from psychological disorders. This may include anxiety, mood swings, mood disorders and personality disorders.

Adolescent psychologists– They deal with adolescence age group between 12 and 18 years who suffer from psychological disorders, depressions, behavioral disorders, eating disorders and anxiety.

Developmental psychologists– They deal with childhood development but may also deal with human development throughout their lifespan.

School Psychologists– They work within the educational system to help children with emotional, social and academic issues.

Psychologist with a Child
Psychologist with a Child

What does a child psychologist do?

The answer to this question may vary depending upon where exactly does the child psychologist works. Some psychologists may counsel young people in therapeutic situations, while others may be involved in research work to explore different aspects of child psychology including development disabilities.

Few jobs of a child psychologist include:

• Diagnosing, treating, learning or developmental disorders or disabilities.

• Working with clients to manage behavioral issues.

• Conducting psychological assessments.

• Conducting research on childhood development.

• Working with a health care institution to create a unique treatment plan for a person (patient).

Teen Girl Counseling
Teen Girl Counseling

Child psychologists may be employed in health care institutions, mental health clinics, general hospitals or schools. In school they diagnose the learning disorders, counsel those students and conduct assessments. Then they meet the parents and carry out a parental counseling to help the child to cope up with the academics, social and emotional issues as well.

There are children who have committed crimes under some inevitable circumstances. No child is born criminal; hence if these children are properly guided through good counseling they can be brought back to the light of good life. In such situations, the child psychologists work in court.

Child psychologists who work with the hospitals or the mental help clinic also deal with the patient and the family members to help him overcome the existing disorders and cope up with it.

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