Creating Asian Themed Patio with Teak Outdoor Furniture


Make Red Your Focal Color

Red is a major color scheme in Asian themed outdoor decorating and red blends well with teak outdoor furniture. Place red vases throughout the patio and you can place a teak wooden table in the middle of the patio then put some red and gold napkins on top of a gold tablecloth. Inside the red vases place some orange and gold flowers for extra Asian flair. Red adds a bold look to the teak outdoor furniture in the patio.

Minimalism Is Key

When you incorporate teak outdoor furniture into your Asian themed outdoor design, you do not want to crowd the space with multiple bulky pieces because in Asian design, simplicity is important. You can use a large piece of furniture and then surround it with smaller objects such as wind chimes, pendant lights or a row of colorful flowers surrounding the furniture.

Japanese Inspiration

One way to create a Japanese style garden with teak outdoor furniture is to place some Japanese-influenced teak wooden sculptures to complement the other teak furniture in the yard and another idea is to install a stone pathway in the yard since stones represent natural beauty that is important in Japanese design. You can also plant a medium-sized bamboo tree in the yard and add a few Asian style decorative garden pieces.

Rock Gardens with Plants

Add serenity to your Asian themed garden or patio by creating a rock garden with beautiful plants surrounding it. Some good plants to use in the rock garden include purple ice plants, creeping thyme, pasqueflower, wood spurge, lavender, black eyed Susans, and Russian sage. Also include drought-resistant plants as part of the rock garden and you can place some teak lanterns throughout the rock garden.

Ideas for Teak Outdoor Furniture

You can place a large teak wooden bench in your Asian themed garden and on top of this bench you can place a colorful tablecloth on top of the bench. Some people spray paint their benches in Asian themed colors such as green, red or gold and this adds a neat look to your garden or patio.

Maintaining Your Outdoor Teak Furniture

You should avoid having chemicals and fire away from your outdoor teak furniture because those things can destroy your furniture over a period of time. It is also a good idea to spray a little water on the furniture occasionally because this gets excess dirt off the furniture. Teak wood cleaner is also something you should use to clean teak furniture. Finally, you should apply teak oil to the furniture.


Asian themed patios and gardens are great for entertaining because they have a simplistic look to them and these gardens are easy to maintain and install. When you have an Asian themed garden you have the liberty to get creative with a variety of designs and colors and the possibilities are endless. Periodically you will need to water the plants and you will also want to take good care of the teak furniture so that it will last a long time.

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