Design Your Own Holiday With Caravan – A Family Traveler


Caravan is a wheeled vehicle that can be used for living or traveling and is pulled by car. They are specially used for holidays. It contains beds, cooking equipment, storage and other amenities for comfortable living. In past few decades there has been increase in caravan holidays. A survey recently conducted shows figures of increase in purchases of caravan and its accessories. They not just build holidays but memories and friends for life. The caravan holiday allows the traveler to move at convenient pace and offers almost equivalent facilities of staying in a hotel, with the added advantage of no checkout time. A caravan traveler can plan the route going to offbeat locations.

Family Caravan
Family Caravan

Enjoy the Various Advantages Provided by Caravan:

Traveling by caravans allows meeting new people at camp sites. These camp sites are located at the serene and scenic locations allowing travelers to soak up fresh air and experience the nature. With the increase in number of travelers these sites offer facilities and experience vastly greater than hotels. They have swimming pools sports courts, restaurants and pubs etc and also organize events like live bands et No requirement to book ahead. The camp sites are vast fields offering plenty of space to park.

• Environment friendly holiday
• Encourages to learn different languages and understand various cultures
• Appreciate work done jointly by family
• Helps bond with family
• Keep travelers fit and healthy by allowing trekking or participating in other sports activities etc
• Creates memories full of stories to narrate

Caravan Camping
Caravan Camping

Benefits of Holidaying in Caravan:

Cost: These camping spaces are more reasonable compared to hotel with equivalent facilities and a better view. They save the hassle of booking the holiday, making an itinerary etc. On the contrary they allow open ended holiday duration at practically no cost and at the location of choice.

Facilities: The popularity of caravan holidaying is ever increasing. There are many local and international tourists opting for it. Looking at the demand the caravans now are equipped with all modern facilities and so are the camp sites. Right from the emergency kitchens, to using the internet facility and the LCD screens, you can get a host of advantages, when you apply for the family caravans.

Options: Most of the caravan parks offer three main options; residential caravans, touring pitches and holiday homes, giving choice to either enjoy a short break at a park in a beautiful location or move permanently to any beautiful countryside park. In addition, they also provide freedom to visit the park any time throughout the year.

Residential Caravan
Residential Caravan

What are the Different Types of Family Caravans?

There are many different types of caravans available to best suit any families requirements. There are even options to self design the interiors.

The Conventional Caravan: the weather proof caravan has all of home like a sleeping area, bathroom, and kitchen with sink etc.
The Twin Axle Caravan: are larger and heavier caravans fitted with twin axles. It makes them more stable and easier to tow and maneuver on the road.
Tiny Teardrop Trailers: are easy to be towed with a small vehicle and are equipped with basic accommodation, basic cooking facilities and space to keep kits and equipments.
Pop Top Caravans: as pop top giving good standing head room. They are easy to be towed.
Tiny GRP Caravan: is a light weight caravan made of fiber glass.
Folding Caravans: can be unfolded from low trailer to a full size caravan. They are easy to store and tow.

With many caravans to choose from, it is convenient to plan unrestricted holiday with all comfortable amenities along with complete freedom and flexibility to go anywhere. They are excellent option to enjoy and relax at any picturesque location. Moreover, you can visit this link to know more information about the family caravans.