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The Rise of Gaming World

Games have recently taken a whole new story in this modern era of internet. Today more and more games are now coming up that takes and offers the gamers a completely new gaming experience that is quite different and quite advanced than the earlier times.

Happy Wheels - A Unique Game
Happy Wheels – A Unique Game

Happy Wheels – A Unique Game

On this gaming discussion, one game that deserves a special mention is the Happy Wheels. This unique game is present in the site happywheels.today. This site is extremely simple and easy letting people to easily play the game. The simple user interface, presents a web-based game that can be seriously addictive. In its essence, the site allows you to explore a game that involves the crossing of many levels with the help of a wheelchair or any kind of vehicle that is associated with wheels. You cannot use your legs in this game as it is occupied by the vehicles accompanied by wheels. With simple toggle keys, you can easily keep going on, thus being able to cross each level in an efficient way.

The real best part of the site lies in the fact that it does not have any extra links that will lead one to the Happy Wheels game. Once clicked the site, itself loads the game, after which one can easily enjoy the game. Apart from the Happy Wheels flash game, the site also offers other games like Raze 2, BTD 5 and Duck Life 4. Especially for the newbie who are completely new to the site and it’s Happy Wheels game, the site offers a demo, with the help of which one can understand the game in a better way. Apart from the demo, players also have the option to guide themselves with the help of a miniature box present just below where the game gets screened. This rectangular box is very useful since it gives the users the right information as to the how the game should be played.

Play Happy Wheels
Play Happy Wheels

The Simple Drawbacks

Apart from the interesting game, the site has also some of the disadvantages or rather drawbacks. The site is in fact too simple. With lesser ads and with only about four games, players may actually get bored. Especially when today there are millions of gaming sites that are trying their best in staying ahead with more games each day, this site can actually lag behind. Of course, for a full game, one can really visit the site which is given on the game board. Of course, the lesser ads can also be blessing for the game lovers since there would be lesser chances to get distracted while playing the game.

The game that is presented by the site actually has more than just enjoyment. It presents a dark side of the presented humour. The four characters presented in the gaming site, actually has moral implications showing the plight of those who have had their organs amputated. It is simple yet a clear message giving game. The Happy Wheels game is indeed one of the simplest yet addictive flash games. It is easy and entertaining.