Essential Benefits of Oils in Daily Life


Oils are extremely necessary for your good health. There are a number of oils that are extremely useful for good skin and hair. Due to the immense benefits, more and more people are moving towards these oils. Moreover, the best oils are also without side effects and are good for one and all.

Essential of Oils
Essential of Oils

The six best oils at a glance

There are six best oils that are not only good for your health but also for your skin. Using these on a regular basis that will help you to solve a number of health issues.

Olive oil benefits for skin and health

• It acts as skin moisturizer. In case of dry skin it penetrates into the skin making it soft and nourished.

• A mixture of water and olive oil can be used for treating sun burns.

• Olive oil also exfoliates the skin. You can use it to improve the skin elasticity.

• Olive oil mixed with sugar can be applied in the skin to exfoliate it.

• Those who have dry skin can use olive oil with sea salt to remove all the dead skin. This will help make the skin really soft.

Almond oil skin, hair and health benefits

For skin- almond oil is an important ingredient in most of the beauty products. It should be used regularly to eliminate all the skin troubles. Almond oil is also one of the best bets when it comes to preventing and reversing the age signs.

Beauty benefits- almond oil can be used to maintain the pink tint of the lips. It keeps the lips soft and supple. So these are a good alternative for artificial lip balms. You can also use a few drops of almond oil on the nails. This helps to keep the nails strong.

Health benefits- almond oil is loaded with health benefits. It is rich in protein, folic acid and potassium which prevent heart diseases. Just mix a few drops on almond oil with cooking oil regularly. The low sodium and high potassium content regulates blood pressure and cholesterol level.

Various benefits of coconut oil at a glance

• The biggest health benefit of coconut oil is that it burns fat. Moreover you can use coconut oil for energy expenditure.

• The lauric acid that is present in the coconut oil kills the viruses, bacteria and fungi.

• Moreover coconut oil kills the hunger pangs without you trying it. It helps you to eat well without you actually trying it.


Benefits of castor oil for skin and health

• Castor oil when applied directly on the skin brings out the best advantage. It makes the skin smooth and prevents skin problems.

• Castor oil is also good for hair. Apply castor oil on the hair roots for good hair growth and to prevent hair fall. It can also be applied on dry hair to remove split ends and to nourish it.

• It strengthens the immune system and also provides relief from various ailments.

• It provides relieve against arthritis, improves digestion and can be used as a constipation remedy.

Omega oil beauty and health benefits

• The omega oil is really good for the skin and health. It helps you to prevent acne, psoriasis, dry skin.

• This oil prevents the premature wrinkles on the skin. Using this oil on a regular basis also heals cracked skin.

• Those who suffer from dandruff can use omega 3 oil.

• It also protects the skin from Ultra Violet radiation.

• Omega 3 oils are found in foods like fish, so it should be consumed regularly.

• The health benefits associated with it are preventing depression, inflammatory bowel diseases, menstrual pain and more.

• It even prevents lung, prostrate and breast cancer.

Benefits of sesame oil

• The sesame oil prevents hair fall. It also helps to maintain the dark color of your hair.

• Those who have dry and flaky skin should use the oil regularly.

• It helps to remove the toxins from the body.

• The sesame oil can also be used to treat fungal diseases.

• It provides good nutrients for healthy bones.

• It acts as an antidepressant and reduces high blood pressure.

There are various benefits of these oil but these are not enough. These oils cannot protect you from everything. So, to stay prepared for medical help anytime through Ehic renewal. Go through it to prevent any risk from your side.