Essential Details on Harmful Factors of Steroids


Nowadays men are really interested in muscle building. To get an impressive physique they are working hard in all the possible way. Regular tough workout in gym by people is good example of it. But with the rapidly increasing desperation of people for attractive body, almost every man is looking for a shortcut way to get a good physique. That’s why they have started to prefer anabolic steroids for muscles building. Well, taking these chemical compounds orally or through injection is a rapid way for building muscles up to some extent but it is also accompanied with various side effects. To know more about steroids read ahead this article here.

Side Effects of Anabolic Steroids
Side Effects of Anabolic Steroids

Development of steroids

Steroids have caught the attention of many muscle builders and weight lifters due to the fact that they can produce the instant results on muscle building. Actually, anabolic steroids deal with the inclusion of male sex hormones in them that work by stimulating testes in men to secrete testosterone hormone. This hormone has direction connection to puberty and thus, it promotes growth. These compounds are widely used for muscular growth by the people all around the world.

Women on Steroids
Women on Steroids

Dangerous side effects

Although, the development of anabolic steroids was carried out for medicinal use but it is being used illicitly by weight lifters, athletes and sportsmen for winning the game. Many are habitual of taking overdose of this steroid and inviting dangerous side effects of the compound. The high chance of side effects involve following conditions –

• Kidney tumors
• High blood pressure
• Increased cholesterol
• Decreased sperm count
• Infertility
• Prostate cancer
• Breast development
• Severe acne
• Acceleration of puberty
• Early maturation of skeleton
• Testicle shrinkage

You can evaluate the severity of these side effects by yourself. Apart from this, extreme irritability, depression, paranoid jealousy, impaired judgment, sudden mood swings and delusions are common side effects.

Steroids for Muscles Muilding
Steroids for Muscles Muilding

Steroid for muscle building

In spite of knowing the above mentioned high chance of side effects of steroid compounds and ban implemented by the sports committees on use of steroids, the craze of using this compound for muscular growth is getting higher among sportsmen. They are either too much desperate of building their muscles strong or so much addicted to win that they don’t care about the dangerous side effects of steroids on their body. The list of those sportsmen who have been caught of taking steroids in the medical test is long and they are not counted as eligible sportsmen in almost every kind of sports.

From the above mentioned facts, it is clear that most of the modern guys are ready to even compromise with their health for building a muscular body. But definitely, this is a wrong decision as they are inviting long term bad effects on the body for short term success. On the other hand, those who are muscle builders and not sportsmen who want to use anabolic steroids for muscular growth should discuss with their physician first than using the steroid compounds.