Experience Is Everything When it Comes to Your Advocate


When looking for a lawyer in Ontario, it’s important to find a lawyer who specializes in the specific area of law relating to your issue. Although people often think of lawyers as having encyclopaedic knowledge of all laws, the more experience a lawyer has with a particular practice area the more likely they will achieve successful results. But when there are already thousands of lawyers to choose from, the added pressure of finding one with the right experience in a specific field can be intimidating.

That’s where a legal referral service comes in. Services can help to match you up with the legal experts who will best be able to serve your needs. The process is very simple: once you contact the referral service and give a brief summary of the type of problem you’re having as well as the objectives you have for your lawyer to achieve, they will do the work of locating a lawyer who specializes in that area of law near where you live. And the best part of all is that they will find the lawyer for free!

Sifting through the names and practices of the over 40,000 lawyers currently practicing in Ontario (1) can seem like a monumental task for anyone. An organization will have extensive knowledge of the networks of lawyers and legal practices around you, as well as which lawyers have good reputations for success in various cities and various areas of legal practice. They know this not only because they know the lawyers and have already vetted them when adding them to their network, but also because they get feedback from prior clients that help them accurately categorize the legal professionals they feature. Lawyer Connection knows which lawyers are good for which types of problems. Whether you need someone with unique experience in a particular field, someone with a reputation for being assertive in a courtroom against tough opposition, or even a lawyer with specific language skills or experience in non-legal industries, referral services are the best way to find them.

Lawyer Connection
Lawyer Connection

For most people, gathering this type of information yourself is extremely difficult. It’s hard to know what types of cases a lawyer has the most experience with and what results they typically achieve. And it’s almost impossible to find out how happy their former clients are with them. It’s very difficult to tell from an initial meeting how responsive a lawyer will be to your communications, what their negotiation style is, and what their litigation strategies are – all things that are extremely relevant to helping you get the results you want.

These are all things that legal referral services specialize in. As an added bonus, these services are usually extremely flexible – not only do you not have to pay them to find a lawyer for you, but the referral process itself is not a contract. If you’re not happy with the lawyer referred to you, they will happily make a new referral that better meets your requirements. And you’re under no obligation to retain the lawyer that they refer to you. They do all the work, but you have all the choice.

If you live in Ontario and have a legal problem, consider letting a service find you a lawyer who is perfectly matched for your needs. Not only will this save you time and effort, but it could save you money on consultation fees with other lawyers just to find out post-consultation that they’re not a good fit for you. Using a reliable and tested legal referral service is most efficient way to find the right lawyer for you.