Fancy a Career Change? Try the Mining Industry


When you think of startup ideas, it’s often technology and software products and services that spring to mind. There are hundreds of thousands of new tech businesses that spring up around the world these days. And, all of them rely on using materials that we get from the ground, through mining.

Career in Mining Industry
Career in Mining Industry

Whether it’s chips for computers to create software programmes or the metal cases for a new smartphone, mining is at the heart of it all. No one pays much attention, of course – but there is a lot of money in the industry, and it can be lucrative. So, if you are thinking about taking on a new challenge, how about the mining sector? Here’s your guide to what is needed to find success.

Mining opportunities

There are plenty of possibilities out there in the mining industry. And, they don’t just include digging for valuable materials. You could be a consultant, and use geology qualifications to seek out oil or coal sites that have never been found before. You could join the industry in a financial capacity, too, or set up a transport company that ships raw materials. There are always a lot of jobs available in the mining industry as a whole, although, of course, some sectors may have the occasional downturn.

Work in Mining Sector
Work in Mining Sector

What you need to get into the industry

Just like any other industry, success in mining comes from who you know as much as what you know. It is vital to pick up some mining sector experience along the way and connect with people who already work in the sector. If you are planning on digging into the ground, it is vital to have a ready-made customer base, who will buy your raw materials. There are regulations to follow, too, such as export licences and health and safety laws. Right from the start, you will be meeting a broad range of people, from buyers to manufacturers, through to government officials.

Finding the right equipment

No mining company can exist without using a lot of equipment. You have a couple of options available to you. First of all, you can look at hiring drills and machinery to get your project off the ground. However, at some point, you might want to think about investing in capital. You might need custom solutions for mining sector explosives, for example. Or, you might need specially made drilling products. Of course, all this investment won’t come cheap – but it will help you bore your way to a much healthier profit.

Mining Experience
Mining Experience

Getting the right team

Finding the best team you can is essential to your success. Look for a broad range of skilled workers, with plenty of mining experience. It’s best to find people who have experience with the material you are mining, too. You will also need manual workers, office staff, a sales team, and, of course, contractors. There are no ‘small’ mining companies, so you can expect to spend some time building up the perfect team.

So, there you have it – a quick glimpse at what it is like to start a mining business. All there is left to do now is to choose your materials! Good luck with the new venture.