Finding the Right Cash Buyer for Your Old Home


Real estate is currently a buyer’s market. Homes that aren’t located in popular areas or in the vicinity of major cities tend to sell for considerably less than their respective asking prices. Now that buyers can afford to be choosier than ever, many of them won’t hesitate to put forth laughably low offers. Even sellers who are willing let their homes go at a loss can spend years waiting for a buyer to show interest. As a result, many sellers are now electing to work with cash buyers. Even though this typically means selling at a loss, doing business with cash buyers is ideal for people who just want to be rid of their old homes and receive compensation in a timely manner. When searching for the right cash buyer for your property, keep an eye out for the following traits.

Sell House
Sell House

Prompt Inspections

All but the most foolhardy cash buyers insist on inspecting homes before making offers. Since many of the properties they purchase qualify as fixer-uppers, their initial inspections provide them with a solid sense of how much work is actually needed. The projected costs of the various repairs and renovations are subsequently factored into their offers. If you’re looking to sell your home in a hurry, it stands to reason that you’d like a cash buyer’s inspection to take place ASAP. With this in mind, look for cash buyers who offer prompt inspections – preferably within one week of being contacted.

Timely Offers

Few aspects of the home-selling process are more aggravating than waiting for prospective buyers to make offers. Needless to say, people who are eager to get rid of their old homes don’t want to spend weeks sitting on pins and needles waiting for a potential buyer to put forth an offer. If this describes your situation, seek out cash buyers who pride themselves on making timely offers., the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex’s most prominent cash buyer, is pleased to make offers within 24 hours of carrying out inspections.

Cash Buyer
Cash Buyer

No Runaround

Just as every seller wishes to command the highest possible asking price, every buyer wishes to get the best possible deal. However, there’s a stark difference between looking for a good bargain and refusing to pay what a home is worth. If you encounter a cash buyer whose offer isn’t remotely close to your asking price, you’re better off taking your business elsewhere. Many areas have no shortage of cash buyers, so if you suspect you’re being given the runaround, you have plenty of other options from which to choose.

Trying to sell a home in the current market can prove immensely discouraging. If you’re not crazy about the idea of spending months – or years – waiting for a suitable buyer to show interest, consider the benefits of doing business with a cash buyer. Sure, you’ll receive less than you initially hoped for, but you’ll be fairly compensated and freed from the burden of a home you no longer want. In the interest of finding a reliable cash buyer, limit your options to individuals who provide prompt inspections and timely offers and refuse to give sellers the runaround.