Government Works on Attracting Overseas Property Investments in Dubai


Economic strength and overseas investments are closely connected. The more developed and regulated economy of the region, the more investments it can attract. Overseas investors are always ready to invest in sustainable markets with the strong position on the global economy map.

Attracting Overseas Property
Attracting Overseas Property

Dubai has become the most important cultural and business center in the world. The particular investment environment and safe location make it important to foreign investors. Attracting investments is the constant process which Dubai government pays a great regard. The region is always developing; new skyscrapers, landmarks and other amazing projects are appeared in UAE and impressed the world community. And encouraging investors to put their capitals into the market makes Emirates the leader in Gulf region.

Dubai property market is efficient and sustainable. The property prices are anticipated to rise next two years. And the fact that Dubai is to host World Expo 2020 affects investors to do well on the territory of Dubai.

Property Investments in Dubai
Property Investments in Dubai

Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, minister of Economy, points out the significance of foreign direct investments in UAE and their impact to develop and strengthen the economy. The more investments in the national economy, the more diverse and strong it becomes, so the government works hard on attracting the investments. The overseas investors are offered the opportunity to buy investment property and to start up businesses in Dubai without any difficulties, thus the officials invite foreign capitals into the country.

For instance, Dubai Land Department has recently claimed to unify real estate contracts. The new form of the agreements is aimed to govern the relations between the parties of these contracts. The government is due to help enhance the procedure of selling and buying of the properties in Dubai market.

And since the start of the year privately-held companies have been licensed by Dubai Land Department and now they have the right to register the properties.

Home Property Solution - Dubai
Home Property Solution – Dubai

According to Ministry of Economy there were attracted foreign direct investments amounting to $ 12 billion in 2013, the current situation forecasts the increase by 20% up to $ 13.3 billion.

The economy of Dubai recovers and is on the way to the sustainable growth. This is because of the government plans and strategies.