Growth Hormone Cycle – To Know How


In the human body, pituitary gland releases a hormone called as growth hormone which is responsible for the growth and development of a person. A growth hormone cycle involves all those related processes which occur in our body that enables us to grow. This hormone is released in different quantities during each age group. The maximum production of growth hormone is during the adolescent years and keeps decreasing post menopausal age. Growth hormones have a major impact on the growth of bones, organs and muscles. As a person’s age increases there is a decrease in level of growth hormone secreted and hence the person faces reduced energy, loss of muscle tissue, and a number of diseases including that of heart.

Growth Hormone - GH
Growth Hormone – GH

A growth hormone cycle refers to the administration pattern of hormones into a person’s system for a change in his being. HGH therapy is mainly used to reduce deposits of fat from the body and to increase lean muscle mass. How to take a growth hormone cycle? The HGH cycle for beginners is usually for 50 days. After this a gap of about 20 -40 days is given following which the second cycle restarts. The entire duration of HGH cycle can take about 5-8 months in total. For beginners the dosage should always start with a low dosage cycle and then gradually the dosage can be increased as the body gets accustomed to it.

Depending upon the purpose for which growth hormone cycle is administered, the dosage also differs. If a person is taking growth hormones for anti aging purpose, for overall good health & fitness then a dose of two to three IU/ dau of growth hormone is sufficient. Body builders need close to 4 IU/ day of growth hormone for optimum results. A dosage of 8 IU/day of GH is required to develop and maintain lean muscle mass. For effective yet safe results the total duration of HGH cycle can be a maximum of about 7 weeks. The hormone cycle can vary anywhere from 3 months to 9 months depending upon the purpose and treatment plan.

Growth Hormone Cycle
Growth Hormone Cycle

The primary purpose of growth hormone cycle is to administer hormones to a person who is unable to produce it himself either fully or partially. For example, when food reaches stomach it is broken down in the liver to form glycogen. Growth factors present in liver called as Insulin like growth factor or IGFs function by up taking amino acids by special cells called target cells whose function is to promote protein synthesis. Basically the growth hormone stimulates development in the body through the release of naturally secreted growth hormone in the body. This can also be accomplished by administering artificially produced growth hormones or through supplements which stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more of growth hormone.

Growth hormone therapy is used for anti ageing purpose, used by bodybuilders for increasing muscle mass, is also employed in clinical trials of growth hormone in obesity. It is also used in treatment for fatigue in mild traumatic brain injury. Growth hormone therapy is also used to study effect of growth hormone on early brain development in girls with turner syndrome.