Had An Accident At Work? Here’s What To Do


How likely is it you’ll have an accident at work? Probably not very likely, if we’re honest. Employers are wisening up on what an AI injury at their office could mean. There’s a real possibility that it cripples their company until the matter is resolved. But, that said, there are still businesses out there that aren’t taking health and safety seriously enough. There are also employees taking advantage of this fact and others who do suffer an accidental injury at work. Here’s what to do if this happens to you.

Injury at Workplace
Injury at Workplace

Report It

It’s crucial that any accident in the workplace is reported to the hired health and safety officer. If you’re not in the position to report it, make sure someone else does. They also need to check the accident is recorded in the log book. It is a legal requirement for a business to have this and they must record the accident. It’s also important for you that there is a paper trail.

Record It

Again, if you can, record the scene of the incident. This could be a couple of pictures on your phone or a video. Also, if you can’t then certainly get someone to do this for you. It’s vital that you have a recording of the scene before it has been cleaned up, changed or altered. We know that sounds like employers are already against you. But, it’s not that. It’s just that after an accident occurs employers will fix the hazard that caused it. If there’s no evidence it was there in the first place, you’re going to have issues. Now, here is something you should never do.

Accident at Work
Accident at Work


There are two reasons why you should never do this. First, you don’t know whether or not you are to blame. There could be underlying factors that you are not aware of. If it comes to assessing blame that’s the courts job not yours. Second, as soon as you admit blame you will have no legal protection. You will certainly not be able to sue after you were injured in an accident.

Get Treatment

There is the possibility that you experienced an accident and you weren’t injured. But you won’t know that unless you speak to a doctor and get checked out. Please, do not make the mistake of not bothering because you feel fine. Some injuries develop over time and others work in hidden ways. There is not always a sign of a concussion and that can lead to more serious issues such as swelling.

Legal Protection
Legal Protection

Get Accounts

If there were any witnesses to the accident, you must get their accounts of what happened. Write them down or record them but make sure you have the witnesses you need. This will help if you do want to make a claim.

Making A Claim

If your business has coverage, you won’t be able to make a claim. Their insurance company will cover any loss of income or damages that you experience. However, if your business doesn’t have coverage you need to talk to a PI lawyer. They’ll assess your case, all the information you have gathered and decide whether you should proceed.

Finally, it is worth noting these cases hardly ever go to court. The issue will be resolved through a settlement outside of legal proceedings. Both parties will reach a fair and just agreement.