How Air Conditioning Systems Work On Solar Power?


Conventional arizona air conditioning work on electricity generated by burning fossil fuels. As air-conditioners are one of the most power consuming appliances used at home, they contribute to the emission of millions of tons of Carbon Dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas that is also the main cause of global warming. Greenhouse gas emissions have gone up by 20% in the last 100 years. Burning fossil fuels, like coal and petroleum derivatives account for 80% of the energy produced.

Solar Air Conditioning
Solar Air Conditioning

As summers across the world become more intense, more places are experiencing heat wave like conditions over Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. Due to this, the demand for air conditioners is set to rise. However, increased burning of fossil fuels will only aggravate the problem.

How can Solar Powered Air Conditioners Provide a Solution?

The only way of reversing climate change is to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and use renewable sources of energy. Solar panels use the photo energy of the sun and convert it to electricity, which can run appliances like lights, fans and air conditioners.

Solar air-conditioners are of two major types:

1) Hybrid

2) Evaporative Cooler

Hybrid air conditioners have the capacity to switch from photovoltaic power provided by solar cells to Direct Current; provided by batteries. In the day time, when the sun is bright, the batteries are charged and in the night, the device works on stored battery power. These have a high cost of installation as photovoltaic cells and batteries powerful enough to power an air conditioner are both expensive. However, they have almost no running costs and are great for the environment.

Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning

• Evaporative Coolers use the high specific heat capacity of water to cool rooms. The air is cooled by blowing it over a water retentive material. The fan is powered using solar energy from the photovoltaic cells. Many solar evaporative coolers come with battery back-up, which enable them to keep running even in the absence of sunlight at night. This type is best suited for dry areas.

Solar air conditioners use sustainable energy and cause no environmental damage. However, the high cost compared to conventional air conditioning systems is a big deterrent for most consumers. Hopefully with improvements in battery technology and more efficient solar panels, they will become more widespread in their usage. Until then, the only way to decrease the environmental impact of arizona air conditioning is to use efficient models and switch off when not necessary.