How To Demolish A Building (According To The Experts)


If you’ve ever removed a wall using a sledgehammer, then you know how fun demolition can be! Sometimes, we require a bigger project than simply knocking down a dividing wall. Perhaps there’s an outhouse to remove or an extension to destroy. These are the tasks that only the most adventurous DIYers will attempt. Doing so may give you the extra room you need in the garden. Or it might make room for a new, modern extension. On the more extreme end of the spectrum, you may wish to demolish an entire property. Many prospective builders buy a plot of land with a house on it. They’ll knock it down and start again. As you can expect, there are lots of dangers involved in this. So, here’s how you do it safely (according to the experts).

Demolition Contractor
Demolition Contractor

Cut off the utilities and services

Before you get out the big tools, it’s vital that you cut off the blood supply to the house. We’re talking about water, electricity, and gas here. It’s usually worth bringing in the experts to assess the knock-on effects of demolition. For example, the water pipes beneath your house often serve other homes on the street. If you’re starting the demolition process, make sure the water and gas are safe and secure.

Strip the removable items

The key to an effective demolition is stripping the interior and exterior of the property. You’re looking to leave only the structural elements intact for now. That means ripping out appliances, and removing all furniture. You should also detach all the doors, and remove all windows before getting started. Gut the property until only the skeleton remains. Remember, you’re looking for a clean demolition.

Identify the structural walls and foundations

We’re getting closer to the big demolition. All that’s left to do is find and target the load-bearing walls. These are the structural pillars in the house. It’s what’s keeping it standing. By ripping these out, the house will simply collapse in on itself. The demolition will be neat and tidy. We also suggest hiring demolition experts here. They’ll help you identify the structural elements, and they’ll rig it with explosives. They may use diggers and specialised equipment to help it along too.

Demolition Services
Demolition Services

Break up the remaining rubble

Once the house has collapsed, you’ll be left with a nice, tidy pile of rubble. Unfortunately, your work is not done! Now, you need to break down the rubble into smaller pieces. Otherwise, you can’t effectively dispose of it. You will need specialised tools to do this. You’ll be sawing concrete and extracting deep foundations. This is not your average DIY job, and requires professional equipment.

Remove the debris

Your last challenge is to remove the debris. We strongly advise hiring a large, industrial skip. The skip company will usually include disposal as part of the service. That way, you needn’t worry about how you remove the material.

Demolition is not something you should undertake lightly. Always consult the experts, and don’t take on more than you can chew!