How To Make Your Home Safer and More Secure


If you have a young family that you need to protect, then, most likely, you’ll want your home to be as safe and secure as it could possibly be. As a parent, you are responsible for the livelihood of your kids, so be sure to keep them safe by improving your home. Here’s how to do it!

Home Security
Home Security

Install CCTV

In order to keep track of your house when you’re away, you should install CCTV cameras in and around your property. Modern cameras can hook up to smartphones or tablets and be monitored wirelessly. This gives you that extra bit of peace of mind when you’re away for a long weekend or summer holiday. If you’re worried about the running costs of such cameras, or having to scroll through all the footage, then fear not. Clever camera software means that these CCTV monitors will only start recording when they sense movement. See more on this here.

Add Additional Locks To Your Doors

One sure-fire way to keeping your house more securing is by adding additional locks to all your doors and windows. It can be a hassle having to carry those extra keys around, but it’s well worth the extra work. You’d hate to be putting your children’s safety at risk. Also, if you have recently lost or misplaced a set of keys, then it may be wise to all of the corresponding locks in your home. This will ensure that if they have fallen into the wrong hands, that your home doesn’t get compromised.

Additional Locking System
Additional Locking System

Put Your Car In Your Garage

If you have a flashy or expensive car, then it’s probably best to actually make use of your garage and store it in there each night. A valuable vehicle can attract criminal attention to your home, which you are desperately trying to avoid. If you insist on parking in the street, then insure no valuables are visible from the car’s windows.

Security Alarm

Installing a security alarm is another no-brainer when it comes to home security. Should someone break in during the night or when you’re away from home, attention will be attracted. Upon hearing the alarm, any potential burglars should instantly flee from the scene. Hopefully, preventing the theft of any of your items. Just be wary that the cat could set this alarm off too!

Residential Street Lighting Pole
Residential Street Lighting Pole

Sensored Lights

Having lights that turn on when they sense movement is a great way to keep patrol over your property. Again, annoyingly, these can be triggered by pets. However, they are useful for spotting and deterring the acts of criminals. Make sure that the residential street lighting poles outside of your home are fully lit. These offer additional safety to your home by making your street less attractive for criminals due to it being always illuminated. Should the street lights closest to your home no longer work, then contact your local council to resolve this issue.

Ultimately, if you follow these five tips, then your home will instantly be far safer than ever before. Keeping your young family safe and secure is very important, and should be taken seriously. So, if you care about them, be sure to take action!