How To Prepare Yourself For Citrix Certification Exam


Citrix certifications are some of the most sought after licenses that IT processionals earn to succeed in their career. Preparing properly for these exams therefore is important. For this purpose, we bring to you effective tips on how to prepare for Citrix exams and get qualified for a certificate that you desire.

Prepare for Citrix Exam
Prepare for Citrix Exam

The first and foremost step towards preparing for a Citrix certification exam is to get hold of the preparation guide. It is perhaps the most useful resource that every aspirant should possess. These guides for every Citrix exam provide crucial and valuable information that you would require in order to succeed and pass the exam. Preparation guides cover all the relevant topics along with encompassing within their ambit the skills measured as well as the recommended preparatory resources. Hence, a detailed study of a preparation guide before appearing for the exam will prove extremely beneficial.

Citrix exams may comprise of more than one part where every segment may cover a whole set of competencies. The exam may also include different types of item categories such as multiple choice, simulation, decision tree, and drag and drop. Apart from this, it is required from the aspirants to meet these following requirements to successfully clear a Citrix certification.

1. Relevant field experience necessary to understand the exam topics.
2. Easy accessibility to all exam materials and recommended training modules.
3. The exam preparation guide which is available online and can be easily obtained from the official Citrix website.

A preparation guide will normally comprise of the following elements.

Exam Preparation Guide
Exam Preparation Guide

1. It will contain sample questions to help you practice more and understand what to expect from the exam.
2. A break up of the percentage weights of the main segments that will be covered in the exam. This will enable you know which areas are most important and will aid you towards preparing for the exam accordingly.
3. You will find the exam objectives in the guide which will help provide a descriptive analysis of the topics included in the exam.
4. The recommended criteria such as the relevant experience will also be included. Having a real world hands-on experience will come in very useful and make you prepare better for the test.
5. The guide will obviously contain the list of the preparatory courses. These recommended courses will be required for you to be able to prepare for the exam and even meet certain certification requirements.
6. Lastly, the guide will lay down all the resources that have been used to create the exam content – specifically where the exam questions have been prepared from, the course ware manuals, knowledge articles, forums, and other materials available publicly.

To prepare for a Citrix certification exam, it is also recommended for you to take the necessary training in addition to studying from the guide. There are many training organizations that provide useful courses and certified instructors who can prepare you well for an exam. Self-paced online training programs are also available. Whatever preparatory path you choose, ensure you devote yourself completely to succeed with flying colours in the exam. Good luck!

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