Ignite Your Home in Style


The world of art and design is teeming with endless possibilities. The things which were incomprehensible a few years ago have surfaced as a reality and are soon to become a thing of the past. Old ideas are making way for new ones, and the new ideas are reproducing in millions. It has become a necessity, rather than a luxury, to experience the ever-changing nuances of the world of design.

Elaborate decoration of our living rooms has become a thing of the past. Minimalistic and sophisticated style reigns supreme in the design world now. Thanks to these innovations, the old and grimy fireplace has been replaced by an ultra-suave modern fireplace. Gone are those days when you had to wear rubber gloves and spend hours cleaning the soot accumulated in the chimney, and eventually come out as a Halloween Theme Party winner. Now is the time for sophistication and luxury, with vent less and fuel-ignited fireplaces in stock.

Why should you own one?

If you are still wondering as to why you should own a modern fireplace, it is quite possible that you have not yet seen one. The moment you set your eyes on a modern fireplace, you will not take long to make your decision. They are beautifully crafted in a way to preserve their elegance and class. The materials used to create a modern fireplace are generally of a minimalist outlook. The only thing that might prolong your decision making is that you will be spoilt for choices when you witness the extensive array of design which characterizes each one of these beauties.

Moreover, a modern fireplace is a lot safer than the conventional fireplace. They come with a protective shield of extremely durable and fireproof glass or metal. So even if you have toddlers in your house, you will not have to play the part of a surveillance camera anymore. You can sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa in a cold winter afternoon, while they bask in the warmth of the modern fireplace without getting hurt.

Most importantly, having a modern fireplace instead of a conventional one not only portrays your sense of style but also reflects your concern as a human being for the drastically degrading environment. A modern fireplace does not require you to burn wood as they are ignited with the fuel. Naturally, you contribute in saving a large number of trees from being cut for the need for firewood. So, as you can see, a modern fireplace is a guilt free indulgence.


Modern fireplaces come in a wide range of texture, size, design, color, functionality and many more characteristic features which distinguish one piece from the other. Some of the most popular and readily available modern fireplaces are listed below:

Vintage Aged Mirror Three Burner Wall Fireplace:

Manufactured by Terra Flame, it is an exquisitely crafted modern fireplace which can adorn the wall of your living room and enhance the look of your home. It is a wall-mounted fireplace which is part mirror and part fireplace. It does not require a chimney so you can install it anywhere in your house. Its popularity owes to the fact that despite being such an elegant instrument, it is very easy to operate. The Vintage Aged Mirror Three Burner Wall Fireplace is sold by Terra Flame Home and is priced at $1,705. You can also order it online.

Modern Fireplace
Modern Fireplace

Habitat Systems Fireplace:

Yet another wonderful design of a modern fireplace which will incite your interest and fancy the moment you set eyes on it. It is a multifunctional stand-alone fireplace which can also serve as a sidebar or storage unit. It will look stunning in a room adorned with minimalistic décor. It sits pretty and pristine wherever you choose to keep it and you will have a hard time taking your eyes off it. The Habitat Systems Firespace is sold by Terra Flame Home and is priced at $4,781.

Vintage Console Fireplace:

An interesting amalgamation of a console and a fireplace, this one will sweep you off your feet. With its clean-burning technology, it gives you the flexibility to keep it anywhere in the house. Also there is no installation required for this amazing piece of art. The Vintage Console Fireplace is manufactured by Terra Flame and sold by Terra Flame Home and is priced at $3,300.

With the diversity in the make and model of these modern fireplaces, you will surely have a tough time choosing one over the other. But no matter which one you choose for yourself, you can be certain that it’s a truly beautiful work of art.