Immortalize Your PC Games With Movavi Game Capture


If you are an ardent PC gamer, you will certainly agree that every interesting PC game is precious to you and you would long to have a backup of your game style to enjoy viewing it after some days or share the joy with your friends. You can capture the various aspects related to your game by using Movavi game capture product to do the following actions:

• Record game play video online

• Capture your games played on PC in single click

• Save a game play to be played with your hand held device later

• Enjoy the footage of your favorite game as a smooth video

Medal of Honor
Medal of Honor

Why should you opt for Movavi software?

Apart from the benefits discussed above you can enjoy many other advantages when you use Movavi’s game capture software.

Convert a PC game as movie

Being a game lover you would be interested to record your victorious move for your future references. The game capture product from Movavi would help you save the PC games with missions in video format. This game recorder would record PC games as high quality videos as it makes sure that know slowdowns in your pc or bad graphics spoils the quality of your PC game while recording it. You can now enjoy your video game which portrays your ability as a player by capturing it with all qualities like a HD movie and watch it later with your friends or families with pride. In addition, you can have it filed away safely as a token or a reminder to cheer you up when you are feeling a bit low.

Hall Way Assault
Hall Way Assault

Touch a button to record the game

Movavi have redefined the way of recording PC games. When you are enjoying a recorder Movavi capture it. Just push F10 key to make the game recorder Movavi capture it. This software would record the game play at 60 frames for a second in full screen mode. Then your hand held device can play your PC game when you connect it through the connecting cable and store it to play it at a later stage.

Capture the PC game with original music and sound

This interesting software from Movavi lets you capture the audio effects related to your gaming victory and its video. You can also utilize it like a sound of a game to use as a ringtone or back ground music for any video. You need not rely on any other kind of music for your game on PC which you have recorded. You can now relive every frame and second of the winning time by recording with real time sound effects to feel the victorious moment always.

Hence, down loading the game capture of Movavi will enhance your PC game victory. Enjoy sharing it with your loved ones or boast about it in your social media circles. But remember that only Movavi’s game capture software can do such wonders for you.