In Steps: Inside Story of Dry Cleaning Process


We avail dry cleaning services almost on daily basis, the service is a little expensive than normal laundry, and there are some cloths that are meant only to be dry cleaned, so what exactly is dry clean? Simply put, it is washing your cloths without water using chemical to get rid of stains etc. Ever wondered what a dry cleaning process really looks like? Let us take you through it step by step.

Dry Cleaning Services
Dry Cleaning Services

1. Tagging and inspection: In this a dry cleaner attaches tag so that the cloths are not misplaced, and it also paves way for efficient batching of cloths, before tagging, they also inspect the cloths to see if there is any damage like slits, broken buttons etc, because not performing this activity may have unintended consequence and the dry cleaner may be held responsible for any damage to the cloth thereafter.

2. Pretreatment: Once your cloths are tagged and inspected by the dry cleaning professionals, they will treat major stains separately before the garment is loaded into the machine. It is a key step which works of 80/20 principle that says – 80% of stains can be removed by just 20% of effort, however treating the rest 20% is time consuming process.

3. Treating with PERC: It is a solution meant only for dry cleaning wherein the professional will treat your cloths with this chemical taking great cares that it doesn’t have an adverse impact on a) color, and b) quality of fabric.

Dry Cleaning Professionals
Dry Cleaning Professionals

4. Second round of inspection: This time, to ensure that there are no stains, and the cloth is perfectly cleaned, while some dry cleaners may do the inspection themselves, others may have a dedicated quality assurance department to ensure that highest quality is maintained.

5. Disposing PERC: It is a hazardous chemical if not disposed, while some dry cleaners may wait to get it in enough quantity to dispose it off altogether, others will do it on case to case basis.

6. Packing: Here they would regroup them and ensure that cloths of clients are batched together for the delivery, ideally a dry cleaner would use a sealed packet to deliver the cloths, however it is common in India for dry cleaners to bring the cloths in Plastic or polythene bags.

Dry Cleaning Process - Google Play Apps
Dry Cleaning Process – Google Play Apps

Dry cleaning isn’t certainly an easy process and it requires due diligence and care on dry cleaners part to make this tedious process flawless, besides they work in hazardous environment themselves (as they work with PERC). So we too have a collective responsibility to give our business to dry cleaners who gives great importance to their professional’s well being, as sadly some dry cleaning facility owners simply don’t care about situations that a dry cleaning professional in their facility goes through.

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