Injured People Aren’t Claiming, Why?


Personal injury is one of the greatest threats to people today. It can leave them unable to work, or unable to function socially. For years, people have been suffering in silence, but why is that? There’s no real consensus on the reasons why.

Work Injury Claim Form
Work Injury Claim Form

Part of why people may not be claiming is out of fear; usually the fear of going through the legal proceedings. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to go through, especially when you’ve already been through a traumatic incident. The courts are confusing to people. The legal system is a jumbled mess of legislation layered on several times over.

As a result, a lot of people either don’t bother or seek to settle out of court. Not bothering has a whole host of repercussions, but settling out of court isn’t an ideal solution either. Settling out of court means that you only have a limited amount of legal power on your side. While in court you have a whole range of powers afforded by injury lawyers.

A lot of the defendants in these injury cases will do anything they can to wriggle out of any legal or monetary repercussions. Settling out of court is in that wheelhouse. By settling out of court, you are absolving them privately. You may not even get a fraction of the compensation you could have earned if you went further.

Not only are people afraid of the justice system’s complicated format, but lawyers themselves. People don’t like the idea of being questioned. The defendant’s lawyer is going to do everything they can to make them slip up or cast doubt on their version of events.

Good Lawyer
Good Lawyer

The way people can combat this is by taking the correct legal advice and not getting flustered. A common trick lawyers use. They will leave long pauses to try and trick the person they are questioning into filling the space. This could lead to them adding something to their testimony that they shouldn’t.

While most injured people are not at fault, the defendant will be trying to make it seem like they are.

In a worst case scenario, the injured party can be found to be the one responsible. On top of that, they may have to pay the legal fees of the defendant. That just isn’t fair. Not only may their health and ability to work may be impaired by the accident, but now they’ll have to pay for losing in court.

A good lawyer should be able to coach injured parties on the correct way to conduct themselves in court. Even the most watertight case can be sunk by giving the other party a way in. While reprehensible that they would not admit guilt that is ultimately how things go when it comes to legal proceedings. This goes especially when businesses and institutions are responsible for an injury.

The legal world does not have to be so scary. It can be daunting at first, but people shouldn’t be allowing themselves to suffer in silence out of the fear of it.