Interesting Facts About Delivered Pizzas


Everyone loves pizza but there are a few facts that you may not know, that may give you some interesting facts to consider the next time you order your favorite pizza.

Popular Pizza toppings

If you are a pizza fan, it may really come as a shock that 37% off pizza orders are nothing but plain cheese. With so many different topics available today including some exotic ones like pineapple it does seem strange that so many families love just regular cheese pizza.

Pizza Restaurant
Pizza Restaurant

Foodler recently did a survey of thousands of pizza restaurants in Canada and the United States to learn what toppings were ordered the most and the results may still leave you baffled. On the top ten list, in order from least favorite to top favorite are spinach, pineapple, green peppers, black olives, extra cheese, bacon, sausage, onions, mushrooms, and pepperoni.

When it comes to ordering a pizza with only one topic on one half and one topic on the other half, the number one ordered pizza is pineapple and green peppers.

Pizza bags

Pizza bags often referred to as delivery bags or hot bags are thermal bags that are made from cordura, nylon, or vinyl that hold in the heat to ensure that your pizza arrives hot and ready to eat. According to where you live, you may find pizza bags offering straps for home delivered pizza by way of bike along with those made with waterproofing to ensure the contents stays hot and dry.

Pizza Delivery with Pizza Bags
Pizza Delivery with Pizza Bags

Pizza Boxes

During the 1800’s in Nepal, pizza bakers placed hot pizzas in metal containers known as stufas. These were round containers that were vented created from tin or copper that had shelves inside to allow stacking pizzas while holding them apart. During the 1940’s the box changed quite a bit and was nothing more than a piece of cardboard that held the pizza with a paper bag covering. During the 1960’s the newer boxes were created from corrugated flat square boxes which are believed to be first used by Domino’s. Today, most pizzas are delivered in corrugated fiberboard as they are cheap and disposable.

Pizza Saver

This may sound like a foreign substance or just something that will save your pizza, the truth is that it does help save your pizza in a different way than you might imagine. Carmela Vitale created a 3 legged tripod stool made from plastic in 1985 that would be placed in the middle of your pizza to ensure the top of the box did not sag and stick to the pizza. This small invention has saved many pizzas from losing their toppings as well as allows the boxes to be stacked up to deliver more than one pizza at a time.

The next time you order your favorite pizza maybe you will consider all the inventions that have gone into delivering pizzas to ensure your pizza arrives hot and safe.