Here’s How You Can Keep Your Relationship Strong While Your Partner Is Deployed


If you are in a relationship with a military man who is facing deployment, you may be worried about your future. You are probably wondering whether you can survive the stress that comes with deployment. You might also be questioning whether your relationship is strong enough to survive long distance.

These are all normal worries that every military partner has when their spouse is deployed. While it might be hard at first, you will soon adjust to life with a deployed partner.

Military Man
Military Man

To help you ensure that your relationship stays strong while your partner is deployed, here are a few tips that should help.

Talk things through beforehand

Before your partner’s deployment, sit down and talk things through with one another. Talk about your relationship, where you feel you are as a couple and what behavior you expect.

For instance, you might expect your partner to commit to contacting you at least once a week. Or, perhaps you might want your partner to be willing to take the next step in your relationship once they return home, such as moving in together. If this is the case, perhaps while he is away, you could look at military apartments to get an idea of what the two of you could get.

Discuss how you will communicate before he goes

For your relationship to go the distance, communication is key. If you want you and your partner to last through his deployment, you must both be willing to communicate while he is away. That’s why it’s a good idea to discuss this beforehand so that you both know what is expected.

Military Partner
Military Partner

You need to discuss how you will keep in contact – email, phone calls, Skype, as well as how you will deal with the time difference. If, for example, the time difference means that one of you will be awake while the other is asleep, emailing is probably the best option.

Stick to what you agreed

Once you partner has been deployed, ensure that you stick to what the two of your agreed. For instance, if you agreed that you would call each other once a week, make sure that you stick to it. If you told your partner that you would send him care packages once a month, make sure that you keep to it.

You will find it much easier to keep your relationship on track if you both do what you said you were going to. This is because you will know that the other person cares about you, as they are putting in the effort to show you that they care.

Military Relationship
Military Relationship

Plan something to look forward to

To make your partner’s deployment easier to cope with, why not plan something for you both to look forward to? Perhaps you could plan a vacation for when your partner returns from his deployment, as something to look forward to.

While planning a vacation is a good idea, just make sure to ask him first and plan it for at least two weeks after he returns. This is important as sometimes deployment return dates change, and you don’t want to miss your holiday because of this.

It might be hard being apart from your partner while they are deployed, but it is possible to keep your relationship strong. Just make sure to discuss your expectations before they go, so that you both know where you stand.