Know Top Different Ways To Have The Finest Pattern Paving


Paving is a concept that is fast gaining a lot of popularity around the world. People who live in independent houses have realized what amazing effect paving can have on the overall look of their home. The concept of driveway paving is on the rise. Similarly, garden paving and courtyard paving is also very common these days. You too can make your home look more gorgeous with the help of this concept.

Pattern Paving
Pattern Paving

To make your driveway, garden or courtyard look elegant, it is important for you to select the right pattern for paving. You can opt for the best pattern paving only if you are aware of some of the most famous patterns that are doing the rounds. You should also have a fair idea about which pattern will look good with the overall aesthetics of your home. Here are some of the leading patterns that end up making your house look ravishing.

Basket Weave Paving

Basket weave pattern is usually found in traditional European style driveways and courtyards. This pattern looks very classy. It is highly recommended for you to make use of this pattern especially if your driveway, courtyard or garden looks dull and plain. This pattern has the perfect blend of dark colored bricks to go along with contrasting light and hence the entire combination adds a lot more energy to the overall look, thus making the area look stunning and lively.

Pattern Paving Design
Pattern Paving Design

Stretcher Bond Path

Stretcher Bond Path is probably one of the simplest Pattern Paving designs. Highlight of this kind of a pattern is that it can make the area look smaller or larger depending upon the position of the viewer as well as the land clearing area. For instance – the pavers are laid lengthways. This way, the path ends up looking larger than hat it actually is. Hence, if you feel that your driveway looks slightly smaller or you would want to make your courtyard look a bit bigger, this type of pattern paving is highly recommended to you.

Header/Stretcher Combo path

Header and Stretcher pattern paving combination is striking to say the least. If you want to make your courtyard or driveway look absolutely smashing, this is the pattern you should really look into. Ideally, header courses should be in colors that complement the stretcher courses well. There is a lot of style and elegance to this pattern. This pattern paving is highly popular. It adds up a whole new dimension to the area, making it look extraordinary. You can opt for this pattern especially if the overall look of your house is not very stylish. This kind of paving will redefine the outer portion of your house. As this style is loud, it will in a way cover up for the lack of style of the other areas of your house.

Opera and Paving Pattern
Opera and Paving Pattern

Herringbone Driveway

If you want your house to be more noticeable, this is the pattern paving that you should look into. Some houses are not very striking. They are not able to catch eyeballs. This is mainly due to not – so – good designing of the house. The architecture is not very prominent and hence you don’t tend to take note of the house. Herringbone Driveway pattern is highly recommended if you happen to own such house.

These are some of the leading patterns that are available. There are many other patterns as well that you can choose from. Ideally, look for a contractor who can offer a wide range of options. Spending time browsing through a brochure is highly recommended. Make sure you end up choosing a pattern paving that suits the rest of your home.