Learn How to Choose the Best Childcare Centre


With most of the parents being working these days, it has become quite difficult to find a safe place to leave your kids for a few hours. Finding the right day-care centre can be difficult; but by asking the right questions and references taken, you can choose a safe childcare for your kid.

Childcare Centre
Childcare Centre

Few Tips that will help you to Choose the Best Childcare Centre:

1 Observe the Centre and its Staff:

The first impression that you make when you enter the centre, should be your last impression. There is no room for making any errors when it comes to the safety of your children. Ideally, you should observe how the staff members are interacting with the children; whether they are sitting on the carpet with the rest of the children or on a chair and observing the kids playing. This is very important, as an interactive relationship and bonding must be formed between the child and the worker, to help for the child’s growth and development. Also, pay attention to the hygiene and cleanliness of the place.

2 Look into their Curriculum:

There are a lot of childcare centres where the children are simply left to play on their own or watch TV for the entire time. This can be harmful for the child mentally and physically, as they do not get a chance to interact with the other kids or do any physical exercise. The ideal day care centre should have a variety of toys for kids of all ages, should be playing games and interacting with the staff and other children present, and take part in educational activities which might help in their development.

Childcare Facility
Childcare Facility

3 Staff to Child Ratio:

One of the most important questions you must ask when looking for a good day care centre for your children is the number of staff present at the faculty. Ideally, for kids below 2 years of age, there should be one staff available for 3 kids, whereas for kids 3-5 years of age, one staff for 4 children, and older children can go for a higher ratio for children to staff. This helps you to evaluate whether or not your child will receive the appropriate care that he needs. Under staffing faculty can cause a lot of problems.

4 Make Sure you are on the Same Page:

When you are taking a decision as important as keeping your child at a place for a few hours a day, it is important that you feel completely safe and reassured. Ask the centre as many questions you need to, until you feel assured. Make sure that you and the caregiver are on the same page when it comes to disciplining your children, their feeding times, their allergies, how to handle the child if he/she shows tantrum, etc. The wrong way of dealing with children can greatly affect a child as they are in an important stage of growth and learning.


5 License of the Centre and Staff:

Once you have narrowed down on a few of your favourite day care centres, ask about the license held by the centre as well as the staff themselves. By choosing a centre which has trained and qualified staff, you can be assured that you will get professional service when they are handling your children. A government certified agency is also one that will oversee child care facilities, and is a safer option than those centres that are not holding a license.

Leaving your child behind at a centre, can be one of the challenging decisions to make. However, it can turn out to be advantageous for the growth and development of your child, when they interact with other kids.