Let An Acting Class Help You To Uncover New Possibilities


Have you ever looked at yourself in a mirror, and wondered what it would be like to freely express yourself as you wish? Have you put yourself in the place of an actor as you watch a movie, and believe that you could have done a much better job? Acting is a form of expression, in which you learn to feel what another may feel in a certain situation or environment. Everyone has the potential of acting and expressing themselves in a most unique fashion, because there are no two people alike… and that makes us uniquely beautiful! Because each one of us possess an actor within us! It all begins in an actors studio, where art and the freedom of expression come to life!

If you have the ability to create in your mind, then you must be an artist at heart, and if you are an artist, you must be an actor. Most of us at one time or another create scenes in our mind’s eye, because we have the ability to do so. Such is the same when you think of an actors studio, because as we stand under that spotlight, we become what we have pictured in our minds. As with performing a screenplay, it brings life to a stage or theater, in a way only you can see it unfold in your mind as you follow a script.

Acting Classes

Like architects, actors need a variety of tools to build and develop their skills. Guidance, basic foundation of performing, and interacting with other actors, are all necessary to unleash the full potential of an actor. Acting classes like the ones offered at the Cindy Tanas Actors Studio can help a person develop confidence, and free themselves of emotions that hinder them from growth. A person is an instrument of life, but without knowing how to use it, a person may never reach their full potential. The art and craft of becoming an actor begins with uncovering the possibility. Just like you would carve a piece of wood from the beginning, such is the art of crafting a unique actor.

All actors benefit from learning skills, and techniques, such as being on-camera, stage presence, or private coaching. Actors learn to create and bring life to characters, and feel the authenticity of the characters personality. Practice allows a person to let go of their own self, and experience life as another. An actors studio can make this a reality bringing about the presence of other characters coming together to create the emotions, and physical presence of a moment waiting to happen.

Two very important facts about attending classes, is that you learn from people that support what you do, and second is learning from people that understand and have the skills to help you cultivate your artistic identity. People who support you will help you instill an artistic mentality, refine your artistic skills, and help you step out of a comfort zone. Becoming a better artist, helps you become a better person. The possibilities are unlimited!