Looking For the Ideal Getaway for the Winter Lover in Your Life? Try Heli Skiing


We all know that person – someone in our lives who’s an adventure-lover, a thrill-seeker, someone who jumps at every chance to go outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Maybe this person is you, but there’s a good chance it describes someone you’re close to as well, whether it’s a spouse or a relative or just a close friend. Regardless, you want to be able to give this person an adventure that they’ll never, ever forget; one that brings them into the outdoors and lets them experience the season in a way they never have before. But what kind of a vacation can actually help you to do this? As nice as a traditional ski trip might be, there’s nothing particularly thrilling about heading down the same slopes you’ve already used time and time again.

Adventure Heli Skiing
Adventure Heli Skiing

But what if there was an adventure that provided the thrill of the outdoors along with the excitement of doing something completely new – something that few other people in the world had ever experienced? This is where heli skiing comes in. If you’re an adventure-seeker looking for a new kind of excitement, heli skiing is the Canadian wintertime adventure for you.

Never heard of it? Heli skiing is one of the most exciting new winter tourism activities in Canada, with amazing groups like Bella Coola Heli Skiing leading the way. With heli skiing you can experience the thrill of a downhill journey along beautiful terrain without having to rely on a ski lift, or the heavy effort of hiking to the top of a mountain. Instead, you and a small group of other people are taken to the peak of one of B.C.’s most beautiful mountains by helicopter, where at the summit; an experienced guide helps to take you down some of the most unspoiled terrain you’ll ever ski on. With fresh snow that has bonded with the existing snowpack, no lines, and no tracks, it’s easy to see why so many connoisseurs enjoy heli skiing in Canada.

While you can enjoy this journey on your own (it’s a fast way to bond with a group of likeminded strangers!) it’s particularly popular with groups of families or friends, since the adventure is so intimate and the size of the groups taken up the mountain are so small. With a group of up to four people, you can enjoy the pleasurable skiing conditions and avoid the busy and manipulated terrains of the resorts. Just you and your friends are skiing down some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. (If you’re interested in seeing photos or more detailed information, visit the Bella Coola Heli Skiing blog.)

Heli Skiing
Heli Skiing

By planning your vacation with a small group, you can have more flexibility to ski every day of your vacation. With short travel time to your skiing destination, you’ll have even more time to ski. With over 10,000 sq/km of area to explore, the scenic adventure will be jaw dropping for both you, and your friends or family.

Enjoy the fresh beauty of nature, the blue skies, White Mountain tops and the untouched peeks of Canada’s most beautiful terrains. When heli skiing in Canada with guides from Bella Coola Heli Skiing, you’ll have a unique and exciting experience, one that any thrill-seeker and outdoor sports enthusiast will enjoy.

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