Making A Statement With Your Eyewear This Summer


Summer is finally around the corner, as the nights start to arrive later and the barbecue invites start to come from all sides. With the sun set to carry on being that big ball of helium as always, some serious rays are likely to come at your eye level. With this in mind, it is best to protect your eyes, and with eyewear coming back into fashion in a big way, it is important to get the right look.


Many a catwalk this year has seen a parade with some incredible pieces of fashion adorned around the eyes, and it currently shows no signs of relenting. For those who need them, the summer time is typically the time to go out and invest in some eyewear, be it sunglasses or transparent lenses with a UV protection coating; it makes sense to see what is currently on the hot list before you make a purchase and then wish afterward that you’d checked out all the options beforehand.

Bright lenses and frames are all the rage right now. Typical, standard black frames with transparent lenses have been done for so long that it is no wonder many are eschewing traditional colors in favor of something more cool and funky. Big frames are also making a comeback, and there are certainly some retro aspects that are being picked up by a fair few aiming to get ahead of the trend.

One of the most noticeable trends also happens to involve the level of choice we now have in terms of how we choose to see. With so much potential for custom designs and an increase in range thanks to the emerging prevalence of online retailers, it is definitely getting easier to seek out and find a unique style or design that you don’t reckon anyone else is likely to get their hands on.

Lasik Eye Surgery
Lasik Eye Surgery

Sunglasses are also getting a similar kind of makeover, with all sorts of different styles being introduced to help you look different from everyone else on the beach this summer.

While eyewear trends at the moment center on what is seen during fashion struts and in magazine poses, one of the biggest emerging developments around eyewear is actually to wear none at all. The advances in LASIK eye surgery have been refined to such a point where the general trust in the procedure is pretty high, so a lot of people are now choosing to free themselves of the sometimes messy routine of inserting and removing contact lenses early in the morning and late at night, and away from the dirty fingerprint annoyances that often trouble most that wear spectacles.

Cataract surgery in Nashville Tennessee is pretty popular right now, especially with those that like to pursue outdoor activities and other endeavors that can be hindered by needing to have eyewear.

With so much choice, making a statement is becoming a lot easier for those with eyewear. Given that there are so many awesome styles to choose from, there is definitely something for everyone.