Mistakes The Entrepreneur – Turned- Boss Should Avoid


The duties of an entrepreneur are not limited to invest smartly and start his or her own venture. It is equally essential to imbibe people management skills. Leadership is one of the integral factors to be the successful entrepreneur. In the process of transforming into a leader and carve the guiding path of the employees, the business mind takes over for which the person fails to become the employees’ favorite.

Hence, we help you recognize the few pitfalls that are encountered by every entrepreneur and avoid them to evolve as a better manager:

1. Expecting all the employees to have the same qualities and personal attributes as you have: Being an entrepreneur you have to interact and manage a range of personality types. All of them will not be your mirror image when it comes to their character trait. They will not react to any specific situations the same way as you do. Thus, you need to realize that everyone has a different way of coping with a situation and managing them. You have to tune your behavior accordingly that will be aligned to their personality traits.

2. Showing no faith in meetings: A boss or manager is lacking the confidence in the conferences and meetings will leave a bad mark for the employees. It will reduce the value of your decision among your colleagues. Even if you do not feel that a meeting can bring great result then make it a point that it should not appear on your face. If not controlled early, it could lead to serious blunders questioning your managerial abilities.

Duties Of An Entrepreneur
Duties Of An Entrepreneur

3. Unclear communication: it is understood that being an entrepreneur you have to manage and sort hundreds of tasks. However, this should not come in the way of your communication with your employees. After all it’s the employees who are going to help you achieve the organization’s objectives. So communicating in a simple and clear language, easily comprehensible by the employees is a must. Forbade from half-hearted sharing and providing incomplete instructions. Lay clear whatever details you have in mind to make the task easy for the employees so that everyone is on the same page.

4. Amicable and friendly is preferred over bossy: Every employee deserves to be treated well by their manager; however, being over-friendly or showing affability in every situation might be difficult. Managers are at times forced to take hard decisions and your friendship with your employees should not be coming in between getting the work done in the right way. You should be able to do what is best for the organization even if that means a bit of hatred from your colleagues. Understanding how to be a good leader without being a dictator and maintaining good friendly relations with the workforce is what is required for the entrepreneurs in such a case.

5. Evaluating and reviewing: You have limited capital when you start your own venture, it is generally the scenario. So while spending money on the materials and resources required you should proofread each one of them and analyze their need with respect to the work. In this way, you can avoid waste of money and materials.

6. Give your employees more control on their work: If you are thinking of managing and keeping an eye on everyone in the team to help them develop professionally then you are making a mistake. Micromanaging in every situation will not allow your team to grow and sharpen their talents. Delegate more work and responsibility to the employees and let them figure out ways to get the job done. This creates an atmosphere of trust.


7. Do not take resignations personally: When you are investing on resources, training and developing them making him an expert in the job you tend to expect that the person will grow with your empire. Eventually, your business becomes your family and when someone resigns it does irk you. However, you cannot let this emotion take over you. Resignations can be for many reasons. It is not necessary that the company has to be responsible.

8. Not recruiting people you know: This is one of the major mistakes that the entrepreneurs do. Business in its inception is like a roller coaster ride where a faster pace is mandatory to getting things done. You should be open to hiring ex-colleagues, novices and people in your own circle that might help you in laying a robust foundation and drive growth.

Therefore, every entrepreneur jobs eventually demand the individual to become a prolific leader. By rectifying the above-mentioned mistakes, one can balance being the brilliant leader and also employees’ favorite.

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Saurabh Tyagi is a writer by profession. He likes curating informative articles and blogs on diverse areas that provide a good read. He loves engaging the readers through his words and welcomes feedback of all sorts.