No AC? 6 Facts About Retrofitting Your House


Don’t think that because your house or apartment does not have air conditioning now, it can never have it. There are many options for installing an air conditioning system inside an older building, a process known as retrofitting. So if you are a little too tired of heat and hard-to-control temperatures, read on to find out how retrofitting works and what kind of AC solutions you can find with an HVAC service in Greensboro NC.

Sizing Is Key

Sizing refers to studying your house (apartment, condo, etc.) very carefully, calculating exactly how much space needs to be heated and how air would travel in your home. There is also something known as a load calculating, or an equation that helps contractors judge what the heat gain in your home is like based on your location, insulation, and other factors. Calculating both space and heat gain will allow a contractor to find an AC solution just right for you. It’s an absolutely necessary first step.

AC Solutions
AC Solutions

There Are Different Types of AC

Chances are good that you will be able to choose between several different types of air conditioning units that work in different ways. Generally speaking, it’s smart to choose the most efficient option whenever you can. Air conditioners have efficiency ratings based on the SEER system that can help you choose the best one for your house.

There are Plenty of Ways to Fit AC into Your House

Don’t worry that your home doesn’t have enough room for an AC unit or ductwork. There are all kinds of tricks that contractors can use to retrofit system even when there isn’t much space. All you usually need is a crawlspace or attic for most of the work. If space is tight then contractors can modify walls, floors and ceilings to install the system but still keep it hidden. Don’t assume your home has no room for AC!

Modern Ductwork is Very Adaptable

Ductwork is typically required for a full air conditioning system, which means negotiating some tricky corners and tight spaces. Today’s ductwork is filled with plenty of options to deal with these awkward spots. High velocity systems, for example, only need small two-inch wide tubes to supply a room with cool air. Ducts and their associated ductwork come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with their own particular benefits.

Air Conditioning Repairing
Air Conditioning Repairing

Room by Room Can Save You Money

Multi-unit air conditioning systems may work well in your retrofitting project. These systems are set up room by room and only work to cool down the particular room that they are in. Not only does this circumvent any problems with fitting ductwork in your house, it also allows you to only pick a few of the hottest rooms to cool down. This pick-a-room approach lets you save money while still cooling off your house.

Your Electrical System Will Matter

Air conditioners do need a certain amount of electricity, typically a 230-volt dedicated circuit and up to 50 amps. If your house is older you may also need to upgrade your electrical system to an appropriate level before installing the system.