Numerous Benefits of Ricoh Printers for Office, Home and Production Houses


Today printers come in different configurations that are capable of performing not just the task of printing, but also has a host other functions. Moreover, there are printers to meet the specific needs of different sectors such as homes, offices, and for production houses. The size and the process of the printers vary accordingly as do the printing media. While the laser jet printers are fast and capable of high-speed multitasking, the inkjet still rules the roost in the segment of photo printing. Especially when it comes to the needs of the home photo printing task, the inkjet still leads the way.

Home Photo Printing
Home Photo Printing

Use of advanced Japanese Technology to suit your Domestic and Official Needs

The Japanese imaging multinational Ricoh has a range of products, of which the Ricoh Printers have made a prominent place in the domestic, as well as office and commercial sectors.

• The first in the category is the black and white laser printers, that can be used for both homes and offices and have relatively simple functions. But they have the high paper capacity, a range of memory options, duplex options that can be either automatic or manual with a print speed, ranging between 16 to 50.
• The color laser printer that Ricoh has is a versatile printer that is capable of executing a range of task other than printing in black and white, color or both.
• These are capable of scanning, fax and also have the copier option and are ideal for small-sized offices. The heavy paper duty cycle ranges from 30K – 200K and both the standard and automatic duplex abilities.
• They do not incur too much of cost and are energy efficient as well.

Ricoh Printer
Ricoh Printer

Ricoh Color produced by Multifunction Printers

But the more popular and versatile range is, of course, the MFPs or the multifunction Ricoh Printers that come in both color or the monochromatic print options.

• The copier, scanner, printer and fax machine that is capable of printing both colors as well as monochromatic outputs at high speed. It has a high standard wireless printing environment that is enabled both the Ethernet as well as the wireless LAN.
• The USB ports enable multiple-source printing while the system is geared to be compatible with the Windows, Linux as well as the Mac platforms.
• The color speed printouts have a high resolution as that is comparable to the high speed at which it conducts its task.

Multifunction Printers
Multifunction Printers

Ricoh Monochromatic Multifunction Printers

There is also the monochromatic MFP from Ricoh that has a warm-up time of fewer than 25 seconds. With 10K – 20K pages print capacity per month it is good for small-sized offices that need an MFP for printing, fax, copying and scanning.

• Though the duplex capability is only manual, the rate at which it performs saves time for your other office jobs.
• There is also the built-in data security in all the ranges that Ricoh has. The black and white MFPs are cost-effective as well as energy efficient.
• Last but not the least the entire range of MFPs that Ricoh has is eco-friendly such that your go green office environment has it’s perfect match.

Ricoh Printers
Ricoh Printers

What are the Features of the Production Printers?

The production printers of Ricoh come in three main variants – the black and white cutsheet, the color cutsheet and the continuous feed cutsheet production printers. The black and white can print from 95 – 135 pages per minute with a maximum paper size of 330×487 mm.

The continuous feed variant, however, can print anything between 120 – 128 meters per minute. They are geared for more output and less operation time.

So these are the above features and benefits of Ricoh Printers. For more information check out this link, you will get more ideas about Ricoh Printers.