Preparing Your Teen for Her Senior Year


With summer vacation starting to wind down, it’s time for your daughter to start thinking about the upcoming school year. In just a few short weeks, she’ll be starting her senior year of high school – and you want to make sure she’s ready for it. Even though she tries to play it cool, you can tell your little girl is having reservations about her final year of compulsory education. Although she’s spent the last few years demanding to be treated like an adult, she certainly seems adamant about retaining what little is left of her childhood. Fortunately, you can assuage her fears by helping her begin her senior year fully prepared. Having her parents’ assistance and support during this transformative time in her life will mean the world to your daughter.

Passed to Drive on Road
Passed to Drive on Road

Her First Car

Now that your little girl has earned her driver’s license and proven herself capable behind the wheel, it’s high time she was given her own vehicle. Your daughter having her own vehicle will mean that you no longer have to chauffer her and her friends around town. A reliable new or pre-owned vehicle will enable your little girl to drive herself to and from school and get to her part-time job with ease. Additionally, if she plans to attend an out-of-state college, it’s important that she get used to providing her own transport. By the end of her senior year, your daughter will be fully confident in her ability to operate a vehicle unsupervised.

College Visits

If your daughter still hasn’t decided on a college, now is the time to arrange tours of her top picks. Going on guided tours of her favorite schools will give both of you the opportunity to explore various campuses firsthand. After getting a feel for the classroom layouts, libraries, dorms and course materials, your little girl will be able to make an informed decision regarding which school she wishes to attend next fall. Since you and your spouse will be accompanying her on these tours, you’ll be able to offer valuable input throughout the decision-making process.

Teach Teen to Drive
Teach Teen to Drive

Prepping for the ACTs and SATs

If your daughter has yet to take her ACTs or SATs, it’s now or never. Since most colleges require prospective students to take at least one of these tests, she’ll need to include her scores on her applications. If your little girl is nervous about these exams or needs to brush up on certain subjects, consider enrolling her in a prep course. Additionally, make sure she has plenty of ACT and SAT workbooks on hand for at-home study sessions. You can even get directly involved by running drills with her every evening.

Senior year is undeniably the most stressful time in a high-schooler’s life. By taking the appropriate measures to prepare your teen for her final year of high school, you can help her complete her compulsory education with her head held high.