Revealed: The Driving Forces Behind Today’s Responsible Employers


Today’s workplace is quite different to the ones people got used to even just twenty years ago. There is more emphasis on health and safety, from both a legal and moral point of view.

Employers know that they must look after their staff if they want to run a thriving and successful firm. Sure, there are a few bad apples in the workplace. But, for the most part, company bosses treat their workers well.

Working Employers
Working Employers

So, what drives employers to make working environments safe and productive for all? Here are a few insights into this interesting subject:

Employers promote health and safety awareness

There was once a time where your boss would expect you to do your work without any formal training. That usually meant not learning about any health and safety issues that could affect you.

These days, the law says that workers must have the right training and safety items to carry out their jobs. Employers don’t want to fall afoul of the law, and so they will do their utmost to promote health and safety.

There are various examples of how they do that. For instance, they will run regular safety inspections. They will also carry out periodic checks on safety equipment.

Workplace Environment
Workplace Environment

They take professional advice on workplace issues

Sometimes an employee may go on long-term sick leave. Reasons are often to do with external factors like lifelong medical issues.

But, there are times where it happens because of something that occurred at work.

While an employee is on sick leave, they must get a token salary during their absence. Employers may draw on expert advice from third parties to ensure they follow the rules.

For instance, they may get workers to seek an occupational health assessment with Health Assured. Doing so ensures they don’t make employees come back to work when they are still unwell.

Employers Safety
Employers Safety

They make sure employees know what to do in emergencies

There may be times where a company has to evacuate their offices in emergencies. In other times, someone may injure themselves in the workplace.

When anyone new starts, employers explain what workers must do in emergencies. For example, they tell them the procedures for logging accidents and injuries. And, of course, what to do in the event of a serious injury (i.e. call for an ambulance).

They ensure working environments are secure

Aside from safety, one other aspect of an employee’s well-being is security. It’s obvious that company bosses don’t want unauthorized people to wonder around the premises.

It’s for that reason that today’s responsible employers ensure that there is adequate security. Examples include:

Access Control System
Access Control System

• Secure access to nonpublic areas with access control systems;
• A visible security guard presence in and around buildings; and
CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras.

They perform background checks on new employees

Last, but not least, today’s responsible employers don’t just hire random people. They need to know candidates are trustworthy and who they say they are. That’s why they perform background checks on them.

It’s also a legal responsibility if they hire migrant workers. Otherwise, they could face huge financial penalties. In some cases, they could end up in jail!

So, now you know how today’s employers are doing their bit to make our working environments safe.