Safe Driving – Points to Remember for Cars


Increasingly, cars are getting more and more powerful and sophisticated. While it sure helps to make driving more thrilling and comfortable, the downside also needs to kept in mind. Having good control over your car and understanding the vehicle inside out is a must for that weather it’s a popular SUV Ford EcoSports or a small hatchback family car. Besides, our roads are getting more and more crowded and most drivers are getting impatient due to the ever increasing traffic jams.

Let’s go through some dos and don’ts of the points to remember for safe driving.

Understanding the Vehicle
Understanding the Vehicle

First and foremost, anyone driving a car should not just possess a driving licence. In a country like India, there are many instances of licences issued without proper tests. So, knowledge of rules pertaining to the road and driving is a must.

Likewise, a good appreciation and regard for fellow drivers and pedestrians also have to be there to avoid any possible mishaps. Lane driving, adherence to traffic signals and other safe practices like maintenance of safe distance behind the vehicle in front need to be maintained.

A working knowledge of the vehicle is a big plus. Even if intricacies of the vehicular dynamics is not mastered, how and when to use various aspects like proper braking, flashing indicators and suchlike play a big part in maintaining safety. There are certain blind spots in cars like the A, B and C pillars and, in case of bigger cars and SUVs, visibility towards the rear also may be low. Usage of parking sensors can reduce minor incidents.

Lane Driving
Lane Driving

Keeping the vehicle well maintained is a must. Often, neglecting this can be dangerous, even fatal. Parts of cars that are not in good shape can be the reason behind accidents. Condition of critical parts like tyres, brakes, indicators, even windscreen wipers need to be in perfect working condition.

Another basic tenet of safe driving is to keep within speed limits. Often, drivers get carried away, particularly when the road is clear, and slam on the accelerator. Speed limits need to be adhered to which itself can reduce incidents of accidents.

As with the condition of the vehicle, even the driver needs to be in good shape. If unwell or disturbed, the driver can lose focus and attention. This is particularly true in case the driver is drunk.

Weather conditions also can be tricky. When raining or in foggy weather, the chances of mishaps are higher.

Points to Remember for Safe Driving
Points to Remember for Safe Driving

In any case, it is definitely mandatory to wear seatbelts. Driving cars with airbags, ABS and such advanced technologies can make all the difference for safe driving.

Keeping the above points in mind is a must to ensure safe driving. Nothing is above the safety of both the car being driven and the other drivers on the road.

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