Salesforce Basics For CRM


When it comes to Customer Relationship Management or CRM, Salesforce has become one of the platforms of choice for many. Its’ main advantage over others is that users find it easy to use. One will learn that, through Salesforce basics, this is one Cloud based platform that is very easy to navigate. The main thing about it is that people find it adaptable to their needs.

This simply means that the user can customize salesforce into the form that would prove beneficial to him. This is one part of Salesforce basics that people love. It has the ability to adapt some of its information fields into what the user needs.

Customer Relationship Management

Basic terminology and definitions

1. Dashboard is the actual appearance of all information inside the records.

2. Owner of Account is the actual employee who holds the account. Other users of Salesforce basics can work on this account with the account owners’ permission.

3. Name of the Account is the company name which you are tasked to monitor information for.

4. Site of the Account will help you recognize and isolate the different areas of a company you are assigned to.

5. Type enables you to recognize the source of the data which you can now classify as a customer, vendor or partner of the company. The data here will allow you to direct the company to the team that they need to help them solve their issues. In essence, this does not waste the company’s time in finding solutions.

5. Open Activities makes you aware of all the necessary actions to be done for the company.

6. History of activities is an action that will give you information on all the past transactions that the company has done. This gives you all the details of all the past issues and how these were solved.

7. Tabs are the various segments wherein particular information is held for specific purposes. At any time, you might have to access this information to help you solve some issues. You access these by simply pressing on a tab and a whole slew of information will be shown to you.


8. Apps will allow you access to certain groups of tabs. The groupings are based in the similarity of the information stored in the tabs. To navigate to the apps page, all you have to do is to click on the drop box menu on the corner right area of salesforce page. The good thing about these groupings is that it saves the account owner time in finding information about a particular data.

Ease of navigation is part of salesforce basics

Navigation of Salesforce basics makes it easy for account owners to track down the tasks on hand. This makes it easy for him to complete the task.

It allows the creation of new records in an easy manner. You can do this by simply clicking on a button.

As it is, Salesforce is fairly easy to operate. What more if your learn the basics behind it.