Shed Storage – Bigger Storage Space For A Smaller Budget


Shed storage is usually constructed to store all kinds of repair tools, lawn mowers, gardening tools, and other housekeeping and maintenance materials to avoid clutter inside your home as well as to have a place where all these things can be stored in an orderly way to help facilitate easy retrieval in case you need them.

DIY Storage Shed Plans
DIY Storage Shed Plans

There are many DIY storage shed plans of your dreams that you can build yourself with just basic carpentry skills. There are many types of kits have all step-by-step directions including photos, diagrams, videos, etc., to help you install these sheds yourselves. There are many types of storage shed plans likegable, gambrel, and colonial, etc. These sheds can be built in your garden or your backyard.

Most DIY as well as custom built shed storage have one room designs with the walls filled with shelves and/or racks. Bigger sheds have rows of racks in between the walls.

Measure out the dimension using a couple of stakes and a string to measure out the space to ensure that the built up area is clear off any trees or any other structure in your property. By doing so, you can confirm availability of space for water drainage.

Shed storage is usually made using:

• Vinyl and resin sheds
• Metal sheds
• Timber sheds
• Cement sheds

Shed storage can also be used for recreational activities or as a studio. It can even be designed as a smokehouse, dog house, garages or as a playroom for children.

Garden Storage Shed
Garden Storage Shed

Storage space

Depending on your requirement, you need to design a storage plan to arrange the racks appropriately based on the area required as per material, so that you are able to store all the materials and equipments correctly in the racks or shelf.

Storage lighting

Depending on the area of the shed storage, you need to plan appropriate lighting by using natural lights through glass windows, transparent vinyl slots on the roof, or the doors. You may also use electric bulbs in such a way that no part of the shed will be left dark.

Storage foundation

You need to plan the type of foundation depending on the type of soil and depending on the water seepage. If there is water seepage, then you must raise the height of the foundation using cinderblock/brick and mortar. Such a foundation will also keep rodents away. There should be no gap between the foundation and the walls since the walls are made of vinyl, wood, or metal so try to prevent any small gaps that allow rodents or reptiles to gain entry into the shed storage and cause lot of havoc and danger too.

Storage Shed
Storage Shed

You must ensure there is adequate insulation to prevent humidity from building up inside the shed by providing lots of ventilation. Depending on the floor area, you may require sanction from the local bodies as sheds above a particular floor area will need permission.

Gable roof storage shed is the most common design that is used by many as it is easier to construct. The other design is the Free-to-lean storage shed plans where the root is flat and slanted to one side. This makes the construction much more easier. Remember, though, building sheds is not as easy as you may think. You are not being wise if you take DIY kits for granted and underestimating the need for expertise. If you are not careful, you will have to rebuild from scratch. So plan well and get a shed plan which will be budget friendly, according to your needs, aesthetic design, safe and long lasting.