Should You Lease Boardroom Tables Melbourne?


Boardroom tables are not cheap items. You will not find these tables in every office you go to. The tables are very popular with companies that have set aside space as meeting room. However, even among such companies, they often have to ask whether they should buy or lease such tables. The high cost of these tables ensures that not everyone can afford them. You have to consider the benefits and disadvantages of either buying or leasing the tables first, before you opt for one over the other.

When you lease the tables, you will not mess with your company’s finances, as much as you would do if you opted to buy. Moreover, leasing means that you only bring the table into the meeting room when you need it. The rest of the days, you can use the space for doing some other tasks and work. When you lease such pieces of furniture, you never have to struggle with cost of maintenance. The company leasing the table to you has the task of maintaining it. You also never have to worry about the table being worn out. You only lease the best and newest tables.

Boardroom Tables
Boardroom Tables

What you may not know is that you are entitled to file for tax deduction from leasing the boardroom tables Melbourne. Furthermore, if you ever come to a point when your company decides it no longer needs the boardroom table, you can cancel the lease. You are also allowed the option of not renewing the lease once you determine that you no longer need it for your company. You cannot enjoy these options if you opt to buy the tables outright in your company’s name. If you never arrange meetings every day, the tables do not add much value to the firm.

Leasing conference tables has its disadvantages. First, you never own it. You end up paying too much money than you would have done if you continue leasing it for a much longer time. If you cannot decide whether to buy or lease the tables, ask yourself how frequently you will use them. Large corporate firms can afford to buy these tables. For smaller companies, which do not organize meetings frequently, and everyone can fit in the manager’s office, buying these tables does not make much financial sense. You are better off leasing than buying.

In summary, smaller companies with tiny budgets, and which cannot afford to buy boardroom tables Melbourne, should lease these pieces of furniture. This decision eventually boils down to your priorities and budget. However, if you intend to keep the table for a long time, you are better off buying it outright the first time, instead of leasing. This way, you end up paying less in the long-term compared to the amount of money you would have paid to lease the table.

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