Some Of The Best Spray Tan Products For Natural Look


“Fake tan” one of the most interesting topic among the young females these days. Every girl wants to look hot with that perfect tanned skin which would fetch all the compliments to them on a wedding or at a party. Sitting for hours and getting yourself baked in the sun was the only solution in traditional times for getting that hot tanned skin. These days, it is much easier to have the same tanned skin right away with very little effort.

Siennax Spray Tan
Siennax Spray Tan

Artificial spray tans are available in the market these days to give you the hassle free perfectly tanned body. They make sure that an instant tan is available for you whenever you need and also adds on colour to the pale skin during the winters. The natural tanned look is possible with the artificial spray tans or lotions so that you can enjoy the winters to the maximum without a regret. Following are some of the products described in details.

1) Siennax spray tan: this product is highly recommendable if you want that natural looking tanned body. The even colour of the body is achieved with this product and the contents in the product are used in accordance with the skin type. Being pocket friendly and the best in quality, Siennax spray tan product has been proved beneficial for many for achieving a quick fake tan in minutes without much a hassle and with full safety. It has the right amount of DHA content in it which reacts with the top layer of the skin and turns the colour of the skin to the tan colour. This product is available in different colour choices which differ with every individual. For instance, if you are wishing to have an orange tan body, then choose the product accordingly and in case you prefer the darker red tanned colour, then the amount of DHA which is more in the variation of this product should be chosen for the skin.

2) Neutrogena miscromist airbrush sunless tan spray: this is another option available in the market which suits if you are having a problem with the odour of the self tan products. The smell which is peculiar is produced with the chemical reaction of the DHA present in the product and the top layer of the skin when it is applied. This Neutrogena has different fragrances which mask the odour of the chemical reaction thus making it more nose friendly.

Body Skin
Body Skin

3) Clarins liquid bronze self tanning: light weight milky texture is required when it comes to self tanning on the face. This product has a milky texture which helps in getting absorbed on the face and thus makes it a preferable choice amongst the females.

4) Banana boat self tanning lotion: a tinted formula is always the better choice in case you don’t want o miss those spots and streaks while doing the fake tanning. This product has the tinted formula which makes it all the more interesting and effective during the self tanning process. This will help you achieve the perfect even tan body without giving it a patchy appearance.

Keeping in mind the above points, choose the best product which will cater to the needs of your personality and choices. So choose wisely!