Souvenirs from Paris: Best Gifts to Take Home


There are many wonderful things to do in Paris and one of these things is shopping in one of the world’s fashion capitals. But it’s definitely not easy to choose the best souvenirs to take home. Strolling along France capital’s streets and alleys one can find so many beautiful things to buy that choosing the right gift can easily become a reason for stress. That’s why I decided to help you with your shopping in Paris expedition, creating not only a Paris Area Guide to the best gifts but also giving you some original ideas about the things to take home.

Paris Area Guide
Paris Area Guide


The French hat is one of the most famous symbols of Paris and a great gift idea if you want to stand out from the crowds. Obviously, a hand made hat produced in a local boutique is even better, and you can find some amazing pieces at Marguerite Atelier Boutique, at 14 Corbéra Avenue. From classic hats to the most impossible shapes, here you can find the right hat for any taste.


Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world, and the 100% made in France lingerie is definitely an original gift to take home. You can find the right boutique in Marais quarter, at 137 Rue Vieille du Temple. Le Slip Française is more than a brand, here you will find a true lingerie concept and you’ll be able to choose your favourite from the many models of underwear and accessories available.

Souvenirs from Paris - Streetwear
Souvenirs from Paris – Streetwear


The fashion capital is also a great place where to shop some of the best streetwear. Tealer is a young local brand specialized in a the production of original t-shirts decorated with unusual prints inspired by films and tv series. The small atelier is located in 11 Rue d’Alexandrie close to Notre Damme de Bonne Nouvelle Church.

An original gift for the little ones

Laurinna is a clothing boutique dedicated to children below 10 years old located in 3 Rue Clodion close to the mythic Eiffel Tower. Here you can find wonderful clothes produced by the famous French brands such as Arsène et le Pipelettes, Tartine et Chocolate, Lili Gaufrette, Imps&Elfs and Absorba, including a wide choice of dresses in bio cotton. Besides, unique accessories are also available: an original gift for any child.

Royal objects!

If you love antique objects you’ll surely enjoy a souvenir hunting at La Maison du Roy, an antiquarian shop located at 24 Passage Jouffroy close to Grévin Museum. Here you can find many decorative objects and original antique objects which remind the 18th century. The prices are a bit high, but all the objects are 100% original.

Grévin Museum
Grévin Museum

Quinoa purses

A unique concept for accessories, Quinoa is a leather purses and accessories shop located in Montmartre, 24 Rue Lepic. Each product available in the shop is designed and produced in the small atelier in Montmartre and each piece is unique. A great gift idea for any fashion addicted.

Now you have some ideas about the best original gifts to buy while shopping in Paris. All you have to do is to choose your favourite and impress the loved ones.

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