Stability Ball Exercises For a Better Health, Life and Posture Using Swiss Ball


Exercise is essential for all types of age groups in order to protect their fitness and also free from tensions and many other muscle problems like back pain which is the most common problem for men and women we well. In that case, Medi ball called as Swiss ball was introduced for many therapy treatments. This ball was first introduced in Italy in 1960’s and provides instability or resistance to rely on core muscles to retain balance and also in improving the strength. This ball is used in physiotherapy and it is known for the general fitness as an adaptable and enjoyable addition to routines building strength, flexibility and proper posture. Exercise ball should be used with excessive caution. Swiss ball are versatile and enjoyable. It can be used almost by everyone from young to the old persons. It is important to choose the size of the ball appropriately to the height for further use. The ball is effective in healing the back because it strengthens and develops the core body muscles and it helps in stabilizing the spinal cord and also maintains balance.

Swiss Ball Exercises
Swiss Ball Exercises

The stability balls are of two types one is regular and the other is ABS (Anti Burst System). Regular balls are use for almost all the exercises but with lighter weight where as ABS balls do not burst or get punctured. For exercising, the balls are recommended according to the ball size, depends on height, body weight, body position and type of exercise. Good care to be taken for stability balls:

• The stability balls should be free from dust.
• The floor must be clean so that the mages will be caused for the stability ball.
• The stability ball is only for indoor use. If it is used in outdoor the ball will get scratches and may also burst.
• The ball should be kept according to the room temperature or else it will have an effect on the air inside the ball.

Better Health and Fitness
Better Health and Fitness

The stability ball may be inflatable made out of plastic or foam rubber. As the exercise ball is not stable our body needs to try the balance itself. In order to perfect the spinal posture, this ball will automatically alien our body into a proper posture. This ball can be used as an alternative chair for stretches or mini work for better health and fitness. By sitting on the stability ball throughout the day may improve the sense of balance and the reaction of muscles. It is very difficult for the beginners to use the ball. It creates an unstable surface and forces the muscles differently to maintain the balance. This ball also supports during the pregnancy for women.

The ball exercise should be started with warm up or by doing walking or simple exercises. These exercises will improve balance in stability, nervous system activation. The ball exercise is very important to maintain the proper posture by keeping the back straight or preventing the keens from locking down and also focus on breathing is essential for good results.

Stability Ball Exercise
Stability Ball Exercise

Benefits of using the Swiss Ball

The stability ball is used for a total body workout. One can use it on legs, arms, chest, back and abdomen. The main benefits of using the stability ball are:

• The ball can be used in Home or Gym
• All ages can use this for fitness
• The stability ball is very cheap
• Improves balance coordination
• Enhances strength and flexibility
• This also strengthen the core of the Muscles
• By using the stability ball for children for sitting results in changing the handwriting and also develops their concentration better
• Improves the balance
• The stability ball, work out for weight loss

Hope you get all the necessary details about Swiss ball. If you still want to know more then get in touch with us and get additional information.