The Best Ways to Manage Company Fuel


Fuel is usually the second highest cost for the transport department of any company, after vehicle acquisition. For that reason, and considering the current high price of diesel and petrol which seems unlikely to drop any time soon, ensuring your business is fuel efficient with costs as low as possible is increasingly important.

Whether you only run a handful of vans or a huge fleet of trucks, saving money on fuel is still going to make a big positive difference to your company’s finances. Here are three ways to achieve that.

Fuel Solutions
Fuel Solutions

Efficient Vehicles

Choosing the most fuel efficient vehicles that provide the most miles per gallon in the first place is a good start. Any new business should shop around and do plenty of research into vehicles suitable for your business’s needs that are the most cost effective when it comes to fuel.

If your company already has a large fleet it is still worth looking into other vehicles available that are more fuel efficient. Slowly replacing your older, fuel guzzling vans with newer, more economical vehicles will work out cheaper in the long run.

Fuel Management Systems

Fuel management systems are excellent for allowing your company’s fuel stocks to be monitored and safeguarded. There are a few different varieties available from Commercial Fuel Solutions, each one logging every operator’s usage and protecting against unauthorised access.

Fuel Management
Fuel Management

A PIN or User Key is required to access the fuel, which prevents anyone not employed by the company stealing fuel. It also allows fuel levels to be monitored easily, meaning the data can be stored and observed to work out how much is being used. This will help bring costs down by identifying those using more than necessary or to find out which vehicles are more efficient.

Fuel Cards

Fuel cards are another way to monitor fuel usage by employees. They are more suited to companies where drivers fill up off site. It allows those who use their personal vehicles and over-claim on fuel allowances to be carefully monitored. This also eliminates any issues with lost receipts or false claims.

Many places offer fuel cards for businesses, however sometimes they are only available to companies that spend over a certain (often large) amount on fuel every year. They can sometimes only be used at certain fuel sites too, which leads to longer journeys for drivers to fill up, thus relying on extra fuel.