The Four Best Prop Bets for Super Bowl XLVIII


A prop bet, or a proposition bet, is a special bet that can be placed on certain situations that arise during a sporting event. Most of the betting sites will have prop bets going on all of the time, but the prop bets for the Super Bowl are usually the ones that get all of the attention. There are the usual prop bets such as whether it will be heads or tails for the opening coin flip and bets on what the weather conditions will be when the game starts. But for Super Bowl XLVIII, the online betting world has some special prop bets that will make this game fun for everyone.

Super Bowl
Super Bowl

The “Omaha!” Shout

One of the elements of Super Bowl XLVIII that has been getting the NFL betting experts all worked up is the antics of Denver quarterback Peyton Manning as he prepares to take the snap from center. In the past, Manning has been compared to a traffic cop or an aerobics instructor as he goes through movements and calls that most teammates admit are decoys or useless.

One of the newest Peyton Manning calls that have gained a lot of attention is when Manning shouts “Omaha!” just before the ball is snapped. What does it mean? Not even Peyton Manning is sure. But one thing that is certain is that he says it a lot during a game. Now you can bet on how many times you think Peyton will say “Omaha!” during Super Bowl XLVIII.

Ad-Libbing the Anthem


Lately, there have been some vocal artists who have taken some liberties with the national anthem and have added some vocal acrobatics to the song that seem to make it take forever. Opera star Renee Fleming will be singing the anthem at Super Bowl XLVIII and there is a prop bet available for how long she will take to complete the anthem from beginning to end.

Shirtless Chili Peppers

It is not often that a betting website will take a bet on the wardrobe plans for a rock band, but that is exactly what is happening with Super Bowl XLVIII and halftime performers the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The Chili Peppers are famous for their unique choice of wardrobe, which one time consisted of one well-placed gym sock for each band member. The Chili Peppers love to perform without shirts on, and there is a prop bet that asks whether or not any of the Chili Peppers will attempt to perform in the sub-zero temperatures of Super Bowl XLVIII without a shirt.

Playing NFL
Playing NFL

Singing From Mars

Once again, the halftime entertainment takes center stage with Super Bowl prop bets as many fans cannot wait to see Bruno Mars perform at halftime. The prop bet that seems to be getting a lot of attention so far is the one that asks which song Bruno Mars will perform first. Millions of fans will be watching their TVs to see which bet was right.

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